Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Please be warned, because thats what i always do. (:
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okay. thats all for today :D =,=

Monday, October 29, 2007


Saturday, October 27, 2007

say hello to my very lovable dear, randolph the bitch (:
oh yeah today's the last day of school. & i'm really v-happy.
but the best part is - my results. it really scared the hell out of me.
so people, please open up your big eyes and be warned.
Class position(mid yr) : 40/42
end of year : 37/41 is that an improvement? =,=
English: B3
Maths : B4
Chinese: B4
Science: C5
the stupid mid year results pull me down alot :/
so now you see what the shit is this?
forget about that. anyw, friends i really neeed a job.
i've no extra money =( oh yesyesyes
i wonder why this generation's girls are so so.....

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

something gone so wrong & i think i'm going insane/haywired.
i don't know what the hell is wrong with me today.
till now, i'm still having this mixed feeling :/
feeelings of irritated + frustrated + sad + craziness
seee! i don't know whats wrong with me.
and i really feeel like screaming my lungs out.
hell it when no one understands and cares. roar
whats wrong with all these shit? all trying to act sweet
infront of me? go away please, faggots.
Please ppl stop/refrain from telling me about how sweet
your boyfriends are treating you. bcos i really hate it.
see whats the time now? 3.12am and i'm still blogging
because i'm really bored and sick. guess what?
tomorrow i've got cca to attend. how fun will my day be?
someone please cheeer me up.

don't think i don't know what you're
doingbehind me, slug

Friday, October 19, 2007

okay, please ah i'm really sick this time. ahhhh fever again!
& know what? i think theres something wrong with my com.
its dammm slow. should be some virus(s) again =/
did i present my results to you guys? =)
English 70
Maths 69.2
Comb Sci 63
Chinese 61
Comb humans 47
Poa 22
sorry, but i really suck at poa. i have no idea why!
i'm a good momma's girl today, bcos i didnt go anywhere
except for trimming my eyebrows and fringe (:
Jolene and her boyfriend came my house. oh damm
stop being so sweet infront of me please. don't make me jealous!
laughs. i wonder if anyone would dote on me like how
jolene's boyfriend do? *pouts*
nevermind, anyway i'll be very independent.
so mom, don't be worried at all. cause i've grown up.
& dad, don't worry cause i know who i'm mixing with and
what i'm doing. ; your dearest daughter.
define lust

Monday, October 15, 2007

two months ago your heart + my heart.
two months later mine's non of yours.
stucked at home for the whole day. because i'm bored,
i went to read all my past post. laughs how funny?
i'm reminded of what happpen just 2 months ago.
here i am sitting at the same chair and computer
blogging. but, in a different way i supposed?
and because of all those thoughts that came rushing back,
i felt very disheartening. whats more when his
friends kept reminding me of what happen?
today was my first time watching 200 pounds beauty
and i can clearly remember why i didnt watch it in
the cinema 2 months ago.
- i was grounded for a couple of weeks didn't manage to
meet him up. end up he went to watch with his friends
if i didnt rmb it wrongly. LOL
but now i'm happy just like how i used to. (:
okay, went to east coast yesterday with ______
played pool, eat and cycled. laughs
not really in the moood eh. i'll blog again.

i'm vulnerable. so?

Saturday, October 13, 2007

guess what? i got 22/100 for my poa.
oh how proud i'm going to be of myself (:
okay i went ard singapore in my uniform eh
seriously jialat. i think i look like shit when
i have no makeups on. =/
HAHA i'll blog again.

guess what?

Thursday, October 11, 2007

what the hell. i'm really tired today!
went town with kapo for balls of fury at cine.
& the show is darn funny. had been laughing non-stop
but i think hes even worse. laughs! gahgahgah.
after that went fareast to walk around and saw mother
and winnie. meet you guys up soon okay!
YAY. we had our dinner at TCC. (my fav)
i had beef mozza tofu and he had ______ chicken.
i rate the foood there 5stars please. they're really
very nice. oh ya, we've been crapping non stop in the mrt
and i guessed alot of aunties thought we're crazy
bcos our laughter's really loud.
********** we alighted at simei and continue crapping
while eating icecream. haha! how great can my day be?

when life's going very

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

okay, this KAPO here lying on my bed is v-cute
thanks to you yesterday (:
& we only spent 3 dollars on this kapo.
how lucky are we? laughs.
yesterday was really an enjoyable one.
bcos i've beeen talking non stop! HAHA
but too bad i can't disclose your name here
if not................ :/
blog again~

Sunday, October 07, 2007

blog this fucking shit. i'm so bored __
i recently started to agree with the trend nowadays.
good looking guys going with normal looking girls while
good looking girls going with normal looking guys. oh my!
why is it so? i should really start to admire lesbians!
*pouts* can't figure out what guys are thinking.
but all these are vice-versa one lah, so can't blame.
andand i for this small little secret to share.
you know we ladies are troublesome.
we have to spend tons of time dolling up mascara etc.
& we even have to spend time cleansing our makeups.
see how tiring? i take abt 30mins-1hr if i'm going town
and 15mins if i'm going somewhere near just to make up.
please lah i'm already so tired and i still have to clean
all my makeups then can go to sleep.
now i'm going to disclose this secret........
first thing i do is use the biore cleansing oil and quickly
clean my face den i'll use my facial foam to wash my face.
it really works because it doesnt only unclogg your pores blahblah
but if you had a heavy makeup earlier it really helps you to prevent
PIMPLES. bcos in the past i used clean&clear. know what?
next morning i woke up and god damm theres pimples.
so ladies buy neutrogena ~

Friday, October 05, 2007

thats how i loooked like when i studied too much,
laughs! as i promised, i'll blog today (:
because i don't even want to bother about monday's
last paper. POA! fucking hell shit subject.
ahahaa went town today with limdaphnieDORA, elton & peeps
and i saw noel and benji!
awwwwws misss them so much please!
better ask me out uh you bitches :D
okay my results are not-bad.
maths paper one 52/80 paper two 43/60
physics 31.5/50
blog tomoro for details on face ~

Monday, October 01, 2007

i'll be back, this friday.