Thursday, May 31, 2007

sorrry people but i really got nothing better to do when its 4.42 so...
girls normally do stupid surveys :D especially ppl like me. LOL
survey 1
1.Would you kiss the last person youkissed again?- NO i won't.
3.Have you ever liked someone so much that it hurt?- yes long does the hurt last?- for months =/
5. Are you happier single or in arelationship?- depends.
6.Have you ever cheated on someone?- no
7.Have you ever told someone you loved them and didn't mean it?- true or dare counted? lol
8.Have you ever had your heart broken?- YES
9.have you ever broken someone'sheart?- shld be..
10.Talk to any of your exes?- recently no.
11.If you could go back in time andchange things, would you?- slimmer? ^^
12.Think any of your exes feel the same?- didnt think of it.
13.Do you believe that you are a goodgirlfriend/boyfriend?- ask him please(:
14.Have you been in an abusiverelationship?- yes =/
15.Do you believe everyone deserves asecond chance?- YES.
16.Do you believe in love at firstsight?- yes
17.Do you want to get married?- sure(:
18.has anyone ever told you theywanted to marry you?- no
19.Ever liked someone else's boyfriendor girlfriend?- no
20.Does heartbreak really feel as bad as it sounds?- i swear, yes.
survey 2
Shortest relationship:>> primary sch time. few days lol,
-Longest relationship:>> 11months?
-How many boyfriends/girlfriends havetold you that they love you?>> 3
-Have you ever thought that you weregoing to marry the person?>> dreamt
-Have you ever made a boyfriend or girlfriend cry?>> yes.
-What is your favorite thing about the opposite>> the soft, caring , loving & sweeet side(:
-Have you ever broken someone's heart?>> think so?
-Ever dated two people at once?>> never will i.
-Do you have something to say to anyof your exes?>> thanks.
-Ever stolen someone's boyfriend or girlfriend?>> out of the point(:
survey 3
1.Fell in love= serious one 13.
2. Lost someone close to you= when i'm 14.
3. Drank alcohol= lol, 13
4. Smoked= i don't smoke ^^
5. Got kissed= lol, 13
6. Went to the hospital= 6? don't rmb..
7. Got your heart broken?= 14 *gahs*
8. Had a date?= 13 =D
9. Had a boyfriend?= puppy love counted? 12(:
11. held hands?= 13
12. Got a job= never.
13. hugged?= 13
14. Rode the city bus alone?= 12? don't rmb..
15. told someone u loved him/her?= gahhhh still... 14
16. Snuck out of the house= 14
17. drunk?= 14+ ewwww
18. How old are you now?= i'll be 15 after 12/31 no worries(:
done with the 3 surveys! :D
omg its 5.14am now and i'm still fcking awake.
shall post at night after i come back from shopping ~

Monday, May 28, 2007

its finally a SUNDAY yesterday :DDDDDDDDDDDDDD
&& i waited so long lah! ): but nevermind i got to seee my dearest already(:
ytd went to watch pirates of the carribean. its a very long movie
and i don't really understand the movie lah~
after watching the movie my momma sunddenly called me
and reminded me to buy a cake for my auntie cause its her birthday!
omfg i totally forgot about it.
den went to breadtalk buy a $28 cake @$(@$%&&*@
den hor dearie acccompany me to my grandpa's coffeeshop ^^
i bet hes veryvery full! :DDDDDDDDDDD
yay baobao&feifei already darling. (:
hmmmmmmmm, after the small celebration took cab with aunt
cousins and dearie home.
i need you.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

now i feeeel that girlfriends still the best. (: thanks for the times babes.
hmmmm i may be rude to you sometimes but deeep down
u guys are important in my life! <33
went sentosa today for the volleyball thingy its hot there @#%*@%^!
haaaaaaaaaa luckily saw kaixiang there he gave me free foood
if not i may starve to death. eugenia ate mine too~ =DD
beeeen 4 days++ since i last see you. i misssss you badly!
but aiya nvm lah, hahaha(:
not really in the moood to blog sorrry.
i'm waiting for sundayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ^^
i cry myself out and sing.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

after so many experience in friends and trying to learn more about guys
my conclusion is : sometimes guys just can't be bothered by small little things
while girls always get so irritated, bothered, jealous & fucked up
by all those "small little things" guys think in their way! * roars*
actually, girls are veryvery easy to understand all u have to do is be sweeet, caring
& understanding to us thats all. u have to know that ALL THE GIRLS
try finding other girls, its all the same :D scary isin't it?
for me its simple. i need 3 big things.
haaaaaaaa i have a veryverysuper bad temper! but recently i have
no idea why i coooled down seriously ALOT after being with mr woo because
he had beeeen training my patience in almost everything. thankyou dearie (:
but sometimes i seriously can't stand & there my temper will go again
i'll be mean and not understanding at all but you have to understand alright!
cause i seriously don't wannna quarrel with you as much as how much i quarreled with my ex.
please take note of this sentence people :D
its the rule of the game. haaaaaaaaaa we can really seee the smalll little things.
even playing with our hair and holding us do make us alot happier trust me ^^
and when we say that we are sick/not feeling well/feeling down
the keyword is ask a WHY and start caring. because its really ur business!
personally i would prefer ppl to care too much rather than not caring at all.
heyyyyyy! devotion is a big word okay. try loving the same old person for 2yrs
i know i know its boring, tiring, and difficult for you guys. BUT
would u chooose someone u've work hard to understand and love for 2 yrs or someone
u just met not long ago? or just because the new one may loook more appealing to you?
it takes two hands to clap for a relationship to last.
sooooooooooooo both parties must be able to resist the temptations*
for devotion, i'll know if its just a crush or really a love. no worries =DD
&& no mattter what, i'll try my very best
just to be with you. (:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

sorrrry yea today not at home can't post any pictures.
so i shall just talk about the past few days :D
all i can remember is... ytd my dear one came my house at 2am(:
ask him come accompany me end up he acccompany me for that 1hr playing o2jam
den my mother ask me go watch the tv programme for abt 5 mins only
den went back to my rooom he sleeeping soundly on my piano cover =,=
gah* how cute my dearie was lah! :DDDDDDDDD
since cab fare got midnight charge so ex my mother just let him stay over
for the night ^^ hahaaaa! papa can't stop mama~
*ROARS* today morning i woke up at 10am thought dear one
wanna go home ask him wake up all he reply was "umm still early"
seee how troublesome guys can get! nevertheless, i still love you hubbby! ^^
LOL. he woke up ard 2 i think... den i quickly got ready & went amk with him.
&& i enjoy the days with you dear<3>
andddddddd i can't wait for 3 weeeks to see you lei darling ):

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

sometimes i really do wonder what can i do to make you happy
when everything doesn't seeems to be appreciated.
is that what we term as "love" huh?
)= i really want to make you feeel happy and loved .......
*gah* nvm Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
okay lets drop that topic :DDDDDDDDDD
i don't wanna think of disheartening things i wanna be happy.
today went to sing with friends from 2 -6 (:
had fun! && i misss all my primary school mates!
especially people like shermaine, litong, jingwen ++++
okay toooo bad i'm still thinking about the disheartening things =/
telll me what i can do please. ): hai.....
i really wannnna tell u how i feeel so badly, but i don wanna lose you.
so i think i shouldn't say anything and treat you better.
i'm not in the moood to blog about it now.
how long do we hear i love you?

Saturday, May 12, 2007

finally yesterday got to see my dearest boy :D
try not seeing ur love one for a weeeek. omfg terrrible!
& it isin't something sweeet to do so(:
ytd dearie came compass point to meet my family den
my mother, dearie, alvin and i took cab home! & HOR
i know alvin like him alot ^^ keep on telling dearie that his house
alot of toys =,= ahhhh, how cute.
and i seriously swear at that point of time i just hoped that everything
won't change. horhor dearie? =)
after that at home play piano and hes learning some cute songs!
HAHAHAHA *laughs*
ard 1++ went fishing(prawns) with dad,mom,dearie and zhen's family.
ard2+ his friends came and i felt so damm bored lah!
*gahs* andand i know that darling dammm tired.
hes darn tired ard 4 plus lah! see his face very fierce sio don't even
dare to talk to him.Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
den 5am dad drive him home. seeeeeee my dad<3>
but yea, his face still cannot make it.
make me irritated at times.
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i love you more.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

you may not realise it. but yea, it has been a weeek.
& i hope there will be more to go ^^
hmmmmm, it has been the 6th torturing day since i last
seeen my dearie. && I MISS & LOVEEE HIM LAH.
haiyo! tomorrow still cannot see him seh. must wait till sat =/
all these exam days are just fucking shit. @#^*#&$!
how i wish that i could just skip this part of my life, schooing
without those scary exams(:
today had a day with my darling girlfriend and my dearmother! <3
hmmmm, suddenly realise that our friendship might
not be as strong as i think how it should be.
u should have seee clearly that i'm the one asking u out
ALL THE TIME. i'm starting to feel irritated & neglected.
after lots of thinking, my conclusion is u're closer to her.
& i won't ask you out anymore.
how our friendship shall be now depends on you already girl.
feeeling abit of the disappointment. &everytime on our anni
i wrote for you things wad did u contribute girl?
i didnt ask for anything just more of the time with me.difficult for you?
i don't wanna it to end. but.......... hai. everything changed.
and MOTHER'S day coming monday shall be a day with her :D
i may show some attitude sometimes lah, i apologise
but its because i care, not any other thing!
i'm spending more and more money and i have no idea why!
i'm missing you here.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

thats always how relationship ends; the ending of everything.
=/ sometimes i seriously hope that someone would be in my shoes
and know how i feel. but no one does. sometimes i reallyreally
wonder if u're me how would you feel & what would u do.
i really want to know. because it does cause an impact on me & answer
for all my doubts. i hope i did not place my trust a wrong
way in you! u're trusted 101% ^^
i didn't ask for anything all i ask for is devotion.
& i seriously hope it won't be a short one
or a fling causecause, i'm serious about you.really *
Its you that made me feeel love for the second time,
its you that made me feel jealous again,
its you that made me forget the past,
and its also you that i feeeel a strong love for now.
you shall be the 1st and the last i'll wait for at all the mrt stations
standing on the high heels!
&& i shall apologise for eveything before hand in case
i can't keep it anymore bcos i know i may just blurt it all out.
i've a bad temper and i'm narrow minded ):
but i'm all jealous because i loveee you! not controlling you
alrights! =D
i don't wanna be one of the trend couples.
"if i like you i'll be with you BUT when i see someone better
i shall dumo you and leave you at the most find someone
else only wad, no problem for me one lah."
please everybody. every relationship holds ITS NOT A FLING.
and u guys should know better that girls have a vulnerable heart.
i said before its the moments that counts not the duration.
but now i wonder..................
u're my everything.

Sunday, May 06, 2007

*gah* sorry for the late update! was busy with homeworks and tuition.
went to watch spider man 3 with hubbbbbby & my parents
on 5th march midnight :D the show dammm nice lah!
but again we landed on the first row. 2 yrs back we watched spiderman
2 and got the first row too! *rahhhh* dumb.
i want to intro yuzhen to victor & dearie say can one!
it's the second day i didn't see him already &&&&&&&
for you for you mr poh, :D
today woke up at 11am for tuition and i'm dammmm moodless
cause i slept at 5am ytd night playing majiong.
omgggg =/ and my mother still owes me money for losing okay! ^^
the days that shes not working, i realise that she really
does dotes on me alot. except for the quarreling thing just now lah~
=,= and peeps, for the anti-eileen friendster thing,
just stop caring lah. hate me for all they want i seriously
can't bother. (:
i love woopeixin!

Friday, May 04, 2007

why don't u try understanding how i'll feel?
enough, i won't say too much.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
i love my dearieeee wooooo :D
yay! if nothing crops up tomorrow it will be a bonding day again ^^
& thanks to you darling, u made me forget my unhappy past.
this is the second time i'm so sure about love!
*gahgahgah* anddddd i'm serious.
so u better don make me sad/lie to me/zaosai.
i may just cry my lungs out~ =/
but trust is what i have now (: so don't worrry boy!
please don see this post so shy lah~
shit! today wanted to ask keesiang to ahem* eugenia.
but yea u know, hes just too dumb.
if u get to see this post lah i wanna tell u that my darling
girlfriend's a goood one, so don't let the chance slip off!
today's a boring day lah BUT
no worries my parents should be watching spiderman3
at cine with me tomorrow. ohhh u see how lovely
our small little family are. :D
wonder what hes doing didnt reply my messages! *roars*

baby! i love you(:

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

hello, my heart is there please do not take it as and when u like.
cause i ain't the same! understand? %&$%!#@
here comes a big mamaa staying at home for a period of time.
& my days gonna suck a big time. ):
today maths paper one overall i think still alright lah can pass.
but for geog, HAHA DIE LAH~ i see the paper sian already
went to sleep for an hour 15mins wake up last 15mins
anyhow write answers. omfg now i'm worrrying!
i so so shouldnt have done that! =/
so u guys should know combined humans sucks =,=
ahaha! and i think i needa say a sorry to my darling girlfriend
she must be bored to death ytd!
and my dearie came to my house till 11pm! *yays*
hmmmmm, tmr schooling day again!
and the mye continues next wednesday.
i duno wtf my sch is doing lah stupid seh stop the exams halfway =,=
lol~ today went to eat sushi with my darling parents and my girl!
dammmmm full. & i admit now that my mother's a pig.
LOL. she can't seems to feeel full.
morever, shes still my cute little fierce mother(:

hey i misss you :DD