Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween spook.

" Happy 18th birthday, Saysiang agl"
Ohhhhh it's ss's birthday and i'll be out for a birthday-halloween
celebration at his house! This is so exciting!
Where should i go tonight? darn they're all going zouk.
I'll be back with many pictures! xoxo

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Monotonous hectic school life.
Going swimming with Jolene and xinhui later.
Will be back to update :)

Saturday, October 25, 2008

"Sometimes i'm just addlepated about my purposes in life".
I really admire those who abides the rules of the game.
What should i do?
What do i want?
What am i doing?
What is happening?
Am i right?
Maybe in time to come, i'll know the answer.
I don't understand my game, not to even mention abiding it.
I'm sick and tired of all these.
A hiatus? maybe i should....
Tmr- Dance ends at 4.30?
Monday- school starts.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Went paragon with wanzhuang yesterday for her eyebrow
treading. I just remembered something..... Miraculously, i didn't
spend any money yesterday! Except for eating.
yay-ness i've saved some bucks.
Mundane routines killing me.
Sleep at 5 am --> wakes up at ard 12+ if i'm going out -->
bathe-->make up--> out i go--> back home ard 11pm norm
--> use com till 5 am -->sleep! The same whole thing repeats...
Imagine yourself doing that everyday.... i rather go school.
I miss my classmates very much!but i'll be seeing them for school
starting next week till 7th of nov. * smiles*
Sad to say, the bridging programme screwed many of my plans.
oh yesssssss no worries i still have dance :)
I'll be out with kennyyojibro, SSagl and hopefully Yuqian later.
Good day ahead readers, muackkkkks!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Here you go - hideous Eileen without makeups.

Theres still more to go huh. No worries, i'll be back blogging
for more :) i've been taking peekos everyday. I'm addicted i guess.
Was very tired after working ytd. Many attended the event
and i was not allowed to really take a rest or proper lunch.
But anyw, i love the job! because i'm paid immediately after the
event ended. I've been staying home today but i don't know why
am i still feeling narcoleptic and moodless.
Going town with wanzhuang tmr.
I think i'm still pensive about it.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I'm here to do a short post! I'll blog the rest of the peekos
took with alden and sammi today hopefully after i knock off tmr.
Be very prepared for some meaningless photos took k? :B
(It's a must to come back! because you'll see how hideous i look like without makeups)
(i think that's what majority of the readers would like to see right? i know...*blinks*)
Have fun looking at that cute peekture of alden.
Please give me some comments on what to blog about.
I'll be back. *chu*

Friday, October 17, 2008

Hi sweeties, Eileen is here! Look at that peekture there....
taken on the visiting day. Many more lying aimlessly in my folder
but yeah, i'm just too lazy to blog em now.
So, this is an appetizer.... and be prepared for more :)
Had fun crapping with Boony today. Shes dammm skinny!
Hello boony, can you please eat more! if not i'm gonna break
your bones.
I'm working on sunday for an open house even at chinatown.
I hereby announce i'm too tired to blog.
I'll be back soon. Love
Hello sweeties, i'm going chinatown with boonjiahui later
i'll blog when i'm back. Love

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Overdue peeks.
Hello readers, here i am blogging again.. Just came back from
safra aft bowling and pooling with school mates.
I'll be heading to Ehub's kbox with classmates tmr.
Wowwwww this what people always say, the excitement
and mirth of the holiday season - idling, spending $ etc
Okay, i think i'm superb-ly random. This is total madness.
Be prepared for some long naggy complains.
muahahahaha! hehehehe! hohohoho!
(i'm sry, i don't take art.. so the colour combi sucks)
(1) I'm running low on cash recently (idk where the $ went to)
(2) NA students are required to attend school from 28th-7th nov.
(3) I should stop watching taiwan/hk dramas from now on!
(because they make me imagine alot) I bet girls will agree with me!
(4) Imma lose some weight and grow 10cm taller (which is impossible)
(5) Mum said that we'll be going hokkaido instead of Europe
(6) I'm missing my friends so much that i feel like hugging em.
(7) Anything you can think of. (improve your creativity here)
I don't think guys will be interested in what you're about
to see soon... :)
Oh yeah, if you guys have been reading my blog since the start
of the year... you guys should remember me saying how rude
the ladies are at bugis right? I don't mind saying it once more
I really hate the sales girls there! They're reallly damm rudeeee.
you know at times when we're(ladies only) are shopping,
our itchy hands will tend to touch the things we see right?
Nothing wrong isn't it? I think it's a hella-no for the sales
girls there. You know what? After i lifted my finger to touch or
feel the material of the thing i wanna buy, feeling not satisfied
(i turned and go) they'll immediately start meddling with the
things i touched as if i've strewn their things or have some
contagious disease. Irritating to the max, i swear.
Many months later.............
I still find myself in the circle twirling round and round..

Monday, October 13, 2008

I made sammi this on her birthday 10/10
sorry about this hideous peekture hehe
Hello dear readers, wa lao i'm in deep shit this time....
theres still many photos left to be posted cause i went nas,
nano and zilah's house for visiting yesterday.
Had fun with them (although it's quite warm okay)
sorry about the ugly peektures there too hehehe!
so i'll let the peektures do the talking. (use your imagination readers)
I'll be back with many photos soon! wait for me! :)
I'm missing someone badly......

Sunday, October 12, 2008

this few days very eventful . but im too tired to blog now . i'll blog with pictures tomorrow . wait for me .
with love, muacks (:

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Anyway, i hope the second peekture doesn't scares you off
sorry but i have thick and ugly lips >:(
("A happy belated 18th birthday to boris!")
Stayed over at Eugeniahunnybaby house ytd. Had a great time
with the friends but i totally look like a living zombie now
because i slept at 8am this morning. Dangs
That too explains why i didn't blog these few days k.
Okay good girls like me don't lie... that excuse only cover me
for yesterday lah! (hehe) For a minute i felt so reliable.
Oteh stop saying i'm random behind the screens
That's due to the fatigue and lack of sleep. Blame them!
walao, i'm still entertaining myself with my own jokes.
Anyway peeps/friends/acquaintance you're invited to ask
me out because i'm goddamm free as exams are officially
over. Double yay-ness *smiles widely at my readers*
(check out my random-ness here)
True, i shouldn't be complacent... theres still another
tedious year awaiting me. So if anyone of you interested
in studying out together i'll be glad to join you!
( if you're interested in any courses and such call me up too)
I need a part-time job with flexible timings!

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Last year
Wanted to blog next week... but couldn't hold myself back.
Itchy fingers! Anyw, this picture is taken last year...
My batch graduated..... (i'm left with another year to go)
I'll miss all of you. Afterall we did see each other change and
grow for the past 4 years. Fond memories yeah?
Soon, we won't get see each other in school anymore.
No more assembly together, no more recesses together.
You'll move on... I'll too. Will we still recognise each other?
Will we still keep in contact? i don't know... only time will
tell. I can't believe these 4 years just ended like that.
I think i've been enjoying myself too much to even realise
that it's nearing 2009 yet last year's memories still etched
in my mind........ Goodbye friends and foes.
I browse through the pictures taken in school in 2005.
We all look so innocent and cute! Time do flies...
However, exceptionally fast for this year. Laughs!
Anyw, I'm only left with POA to go on tuesday! Yay!
I'm rejoicing because i seriously hate this subject and
i don't even think i'll be able even obtain a pass.
So i've decided to just briefly look through the notes..
Hehee i'm aiming for 4As for N levels.
I miss the good old times, friends, everyone, you

Saturday, October 04, 2008

Wait for me! N levels will be over next tues :)
Will be back to blogggggggg.

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

And yet, another holiday

I thought i was only complaining about the nearing of N levels
not long ago?!?! Now, it's gonnna end.
It's always like that...
The more you want time to stop, the faster the time will pass.
The more you're eyeing on that, the more you won't have it.
The more you're thinking of it, the more hurting it gets.
sometimes i wonder.. should i place this year as a fruitful or
inutile. Schooling this year is a little dissimilar from 2007.
I had hell-lotsa-fun in school with friends i've never thought
of becoming friends with. Of course it's not always that smooth
for Eileen. I experienced some heartbreaks here and there too...
I know it seems so mundane to you that i'm here madly in love
with someone and there i am out of it right readers [?]
I reckon it's a little different this time round.. i'm not madly
in love with anyone and too i'm not out of it. ( i think 70% of you are not
going to understand this ) I see the change in me from 2006
when i started blogging..
Ps: Hello dear readers, go and read my archives i assure you
a goodday laugh! Ratings 4/5
If only time will reverse, i will.