Wednesday, April 30, 2008

random picture found in my folder.
I was actually laughing my ass off when i saw how
i look like just merely a year ago! totally, should i say
ugly/digusting? trying to act and walking round with
all those vulgarities. That's oh my god okay readers.
after so much saying, i'm gonna have a post on my 'Past'
please be patient! - Having non stop rollermoodswings
nowadays & i don't know what the hell is wrong with me.
oh yea, i've got 39/50 for my chinese oral. *triple kisses
to myself* That's totally hilarious! never in my life
i've scored for chinese. Its a public holiday tomorrow.
going out with dearestmum for shopping spreee yay!
it has been three weeks but it still lingers in my mind.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Happpy belated birthday my dear <3
look retard here =,=
need not explain myself and smart readers should have
noticed that we truely love ourselves. & these are only one small
part of the cam-whoring alright. I was deliriously smiling while
uploading all these cute pictures i took with baby!
YES, i've cut my fringe. I think i look kinda like a small girl!
It's alright, i love myself though. Mum had been very antipathic
about me going out during mid year period BUT,
indeeed her sweetest daughter here have shown her some
beautiful results! i've been looking forward to my english results
and here they are... 2nd in class, 67/80 * triple claps *
although i was quite shocked about it lahhhhhhhhhh.
of course this happy girl hopped home and told her dad the
results yet, her evil dad gainsay that hers was good enough!
ROARS. hopefully, all the others will be as goood.
after Mye, i wannna work for my wallet before the holes
are going to burn it okay! any recommendations you can email

you me you me you.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

hello readers, here i am at Eugenia's house blogging.
three claps for me as you can see, i'm loyal to my blog.
oh yea, yesterday was the big ass's birthday & she've got
a truck load of presents! nbxzxzxzxzxzzxzxzxzxzx.
however, i think she really enjoyed yesterday yea?
and hahahahaha be prepared for many photos alright!
I really hope this very tedious period of my life is going
to blurred through quickly leh! how i hope i'm not in the
N.A stream manxzxzxz. I missed those times when
i need not fret about studies, relationship and cash.
but now, back to reality. Everyone have to face it.
that day, this particular teacher said something about me
and i felt that it was very true.
She: as from what i see, you're the kind of girl that needs
alot of attention and someone that is willing to give in
to you. BINGO! but seriously, there are times i give in
to. you guys just haven't see the side of Eileen.
& you know what? i miss you.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

vote for me at Eileen_bluesky ;D
i've been wasting my time playing viwawa. laughs!
yesterday's english paper was pretty goood. finger
crossed and hope i'll score. okay... this is horrible
i just trimmed my fringe and it looks like shit okxzx?
i hope its gonnna be fun at eugeniababy's house on sat
to celebrate her 16th birthday. And people lets drink
our sorrows away.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

i told you i would let go...
after so many nights, i know i couldnt.
i don't know why this time i'm so sure..
but i just know i'll still keep that feelings
of yours in a lil corner of my mind....
and never let anyone know.
i'm gonna be strong.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Eileen part II. random pictures.
yes, i'm a very lousy person. i can't do anything well
i don't know whether this is a nicely planned chronic life
by you or by me. i don't understand what i did wrong.
thanks to you, making me so eccentric nowadays.
my life is totally screwed okay? maybe i should totally
change my lifestyle.. into someone, someone nobody
can recognize. i wonder just when can i take a break.
i'm already feeeling so stressed up for exams and
i'm so god dammm sick. Yet, you gave me nothing
but another head-heartache. it has beeen ages since i
last scold anyone the F word & i feeel very guilty.
however, after so much i've said, so much scoldings,
yes, i still cant forget you. don't worry, i'll make it
a point to do so sooon.. and i hope i'm able to make it
if it really makes you happpy. people, stop buggging me
i neeed a break, i need to enjoy my life but i don't
feeel like talking.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

i hereby appeal to friends who don't mind spending
your time to study with me to contact me at the following:
1. my contact number if you have..
2. my msn [ only if i know you]
i'm very stressed up over comb humans, poa and maths.
but Eileen, you'll have to believe in yourself you can do it.
as long as theres determination within, i'm sure
i'll not lose out. i'm going to solely depend on myself.
for these two 2 damm weeks, there'll be no going out for
me. Everyday i'll be revising.. i hope this time round
i'll have no distractions. I need to have a firm stand.
its really the first time i take my studies so seriously...
i'm clear about what i want in life. yes i can do it.

Friday, April 18, 2008

so sick today. don't know what the hell is wrong with my throat.
anyway, i'm going to work real real hard for mye.
alright no more playing Eileen. concentrate :D

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

trying to act like some ' immie shoo cutexz nehx'
seriously i find this kinda tweeters such an entertainment.
life's still going on.. study, eat, study and sleep.
MYE is drawing nearer.. and i can't afford to waste anymore time.
don't worry guys Eileen will endeavor and move along :D
although everyday i'm already trying my best to act as
though i don't care nor feel anything, trying to act as though
i'm very happy and trying to act like i've totally gotten over it..
in fact, no. Nothing have gotten out of my mind till now.
i don't know why... but it still creates a whirlpool in me.
Friends are the only important ones in my life whose position
hadn't taken a seismic shift, the only constant.
anyw, its reallly tough... really really tough.
although i kept saying/ reminding myself that these
few months and headaches will swiftly be blurred through.
But Eileen actually don't think it this way.
tell me, who knows me well enough?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

the ugly side.

okay readers, as you can see, in the 1st pic i look ugly.
congrats! as i don't have any makeups on. applause please..
now you guys can see the typical ugly Eileen.
yes i'm too a very ugly normal girl in everybody's life.
i don't know whats wrong with me. recently
all my friends were like saying ' eh why you look so stress
up and tired uh. what happen?'. indeed people,
Eileen is not feeling anywhere good these few days.
everything in life is so so wrong. i feeel so lousy.
why don't anyone appreciate me? no one appreciates
what i do. i feeel like sleeping/drinking myself to death.
i had enough. enough of everything.
just when ? when can i have a break...........
on the verge.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Eileen will be working for shu uemura
again on sunday. gooodluck have fun manzxzxzx.
pictures tomorrow.
& hot flings.

Monday, April 07, 2008

yes i'm back.
but i'm not free to post now cause
i've got tuition later.
i'll be back very soooooon
probably these 2 days.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

hey readers, i will be away from today, 3rd april till maybe 6th april so wait for my updates! take care~

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

random shots [part II]
model to be. - alvin :D
smiling happpily.. taken by..EUGENIA THE GREAT BABY!
hello dear readers (: everyone should buy me a drink
because i actually blog consecutively twice.
i still have alot of random shots of eugenia baby.
gonna post all up someday... *evil grins* you wait & see ok!
hmmm i've been think whether i should go to that trip anot.
any comments? somehow feel like shopping leh.
kinda pissed. don't know why my number is being circulated
around. whoever you are, please stop it. it's really frustrating.
actually to be truthful, i don't have anything interesting to
post about.. but i have a few questions for everyone.
1. how do you know that you really like that person?
2. how can you be sure that the person likes you?
3. how long can you wait for someone?
laughs. just being random lah. find these few questions
interesting. if you really know how, please don't be shy
to tag. oh yea, so anyone interested in the make up
artistry diploma yet? & please give me advice on what
you guys like to read about (:

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

reminiscential photos of Eileen when she's young [part 1]
1 year old. (with red nails =,=)
K1 (: i thought i loook so shy man...
[2nd from the left]

k2. didnt have a class photo as i was absent.
primary 1. with one of my bestfriends adeline :D [2nd frm left]
primary 2. my favourite tcher! [2nd from the right]

Readers, i know its kinda shocking for you guys to see the young
Eileen. anyway i still have alot of photos right up to till i'm like pri 6?
some ugly ones to be honest. Laughs! & 3 claps fo Eileen today.
because shes able to finallly blog again. Oh yes! i have a high forehead
i know... stop commenting about it please. whats more worse is having
mrs cross back to check that our hair is neatly clipped up daily :/
oh ya. i've got something important to ask.
Please tell me if any one of you are interested in taking
cosmoprof's makeup artistry diploma!
i neeed someone to accompany me! as for the reason why;
firstly, i love dolling up.
secondly, mum have been rushing me for the course since last
yr's holiday but i'm just too lazy and busy.
lastly, i think its gonna be really fun :D
price range ard $3000-$9000 CALL ME PLEASE!
anyway, there're more pictures to go.
so once and again, be patient my dearies.
i'll be away from singapore on 3rd-5th
so don't miss me too much alright! i know i'm
an amicable friend(:
i don't know why.