Monday, July 30, 2007

school suck & everything suck _l_
Laughs, whatever lahhhh.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

big questions running & running round my heart,
many many do's , don'ts, please & cans .
boy, do you still love me?
do u still want to be with me?
do u think that i'm boring?
do i make a sensitive girlfriend?
do you think of me?
do you miss me?
do you still want me?
do you remember me?
boy, don't leave me.
please love me.
please be with me
please don't get sick of me.
please don't think that i'm lousy.
please miss me.
please remember me.
please think of me.
ohh boyboyboy, this is for you.
hubbbbbbbbbbbbbbb, we've beeen together for going threecutemonths.
although we stay far away, but i've never thought of giving up.
i understand feelings do fade. but mine didnt. i swear. although friendster
created manymany probs for us. but everytime we managed to talkthings out.
these few days we hadn't been contacting each other very much.
in the beginning i'm so worried, worried that things gonna change
and might not be the same anymore. i bet u didnt know i'm worried..
but u know i do treat this relationship seriously. i don't want us
to end up like some idiots who plays ard and den forget abt the past and
each other. i've really a question to ask. do u treat us seriously? i'm really
scared. scared that u didnt care. 2 weeeks and a day since i last met you.
i'm really missing your everything badly. although u're a boyfriend who
doesn't say much, but i know deep down yea u do care.
and dear, remember how we met? = friendster.
i added u first cause u looked cute. den came on msn, sms on 2/14
den met up on 3/17 den drag on and *tadar* tgt on 3rd or may. i still
remember the times when we just met. we'll sms throughout the night..
u'll crap with me... and disturb me :D i've beeen like some toot-ers looking
at the past messages u've sent me. they're really so sweeet, cute
and really memorable. and yea not forgetting those testis.
although its abit different now but yea i don't want to think so much.
cause i don't wanna be some really petty and sensitive girls. i want
to bethe girl u once really love and someone whom u won't forget.
i've got so so much to tell you. but we just can't have the chance to see
each other recently. i know u're busy with ur sch work. so i shan't pester
you out with me. school'd important so do i. i really miss you i really do.
i wanna see you. oh yea byyyy, i love those times when u came my house to
stay over. spiderman3, fishing, and dinner with my family.
they're so so unforgettable. u're the first boyfriend i've brought home
so please my dear god let this be a lasting one. because foever never
exist. i love you . and everything never ever change.
attached on o3/o5/o7.

Saturday, July 28, 2007

i'm not a fool and i don't want to be your fool.
i'm not stupid not to notice anything
i don't really understand what u're doing now.
but by my instinct, i know
something is very wrong right now.
u don't love me that much anymore.
i'm not so stupid not to realise it. its obvious.
just tell me u don't wanna be with me.
i will let go, can be forgiven, but u can't be forgotton.
understand what i mean?
i don't understand what i've done wrong.
did i do anything wrong? not treating you well?
not giving u space? not letting u do the things u like?
or purely bcos i can't make u love me for long?
i don't know what you want.
u didnt reply my smses. didnt pick up my call
didnt call me and didnt even bother to care.
i'm tired. really tired. tired of being the one putting effort
to substain this relationship, tired being the one
who loves you more den u love me, being the one who's
trying to make u be with me. forget it,
i don't want you to think that i'm controlling & irritating.
if letting go is what u want me to do....... f only i can really do so ):
when i really can't bear to.

Monday, July 23, 2007

i exceptionally loveeeeeee this picture :D
although its the one and only u sent,
i do treasure it alot. <3333333333333333333
everything gonnna be alright, i'm going to forget abt you,
i'll remind myself i've to be independent bcos i don't have a bestfriend.
all i have right now is my boyfriend and my goood friends.
nothing more, nothing else.
if one day i'm going to lose either one again, i swear i'll brk down.
but yes, i have to learn how not to be pampered and dependent
bcos i must understand people do change for
themselves and not me.
stop asking what happpen because all these doesnt matters.
i'm reallly sad and disappointed though. but i gotta be strong.
i have to be happy just like how i am.
& i have to understand bestfriends/friends ain't gonnna
be forever. i can't be so naive. time to wake up and learn.
people tends to change, feeelings are meant to change too.
we're like that. realistic.
again and again i went to browse throughall my photo albums.
all that came flashing back are the times we spent.
wanted to delete everything but can't bring myself to do so.
i've changed, u've changed and we've changed.
we changed from the young girls to the matured ladies.
our thinking are different. we don't have any commmon.
facts. i have to accept facts. i'll learn how to to.
& you know i'm not going to live without anyone of you.
please )=

pictures kept.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

girl, really thanks for being there. at this point of time
i've no rights to be angry or control u anymore.
i visited her blog. u guys seems happy taking the neo.
and u went home so late.
and i can recall u always tell me u have to be home early.
enough of these.
i've cried enough for you. be it you a girlfriend, or
in relationship. i'm tired really tired i wouldnt want
to care so much anymore now.
although i'm going to miss how u went crying with me,
joke with me, play with me, accompany me, stroke my hair,
console me, talk to me, hug me, laugh with me,
shop with me, be with me and love me.
but these will not matter to me anymore. i'm so sick
this time i'm not joking. i'll let go i really will.
i bet u have no idea how much i'm suffering these days.
i've changed really changed.
changed to someone whos going to keep everything
to herself. i'm not going to share it with anyone anymore.
and eugenia, u need not contact me after these
anymore. cause i won't be bothering about it.
i really had enough. i won't bother, i won't cry,
i won't be sad, i won't be happy and i won't be with you.
thanks for all those memories these 3 years babe.
stored deeep down.
i'm sad. )'=

Friday, July 20, 2007

aint this girl cute?! haaaaaaaas, met her at bus 28 with xuanhui & wz
i can't resist myself but to take a cute picture of her :D
whats up with all those excuses saying u're the overall in charge
and u really really can't pon this friday's cca? ohhhhh i see.
u're the overall in charge can't pon
den whats with going out with her for shopping today? so impt?
please lahhhhh, i'm really not a fucking 3 years old kid for u to fool with.
there had beeen like 123456789 times u went out with her.
i knew it, its only i didnt want to confront u anymore. never.
ohhhhh please girl, u think u're the only one that cried?
when will u ever stop lying and fuckingly neglecting me?
aiyahhh please lahhh whatever can? nbbbb.
u're closer to her. please everybody can see. its pretty
x 100000 obvious. =,=
so please fuck this shit man. whatever u wanna do, so be it alrights.
& i haven beeen seeeing dear one for like one weeek alrdy ):
i missssssssssssssssssssssssssssss you.

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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Your Birthdate: December 31

You don't love lightly. For you, love is always a serious undertaking.

However, you are able to love many types of people. You can bring out the best in almost anyone.

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Monday, July 09, 2007

triple claps for today's weather pleaseeeeee.
stupid seh how i wish my 2.4 is today lahhhhh theres no sun,
theres no rain & most of all GOT WIND.
and yes finally we have more than half of our co members back for practice
for the last time. and so swayyyy can! before going for co i went home
to change guess wad, i got menses! %^@#*%! *roars*
fcuking irritating one lehhhh ): nowonder today i'm so worked up
over all the small little things.
tomoro i got my co performance at singapore conference hall. boreddd
from 4.45 at sch meet den go perform till 9+ lehhh reach home ard 10+ le.
and yayyyyy my dad will be going overseas from today till friday.
i'll have more freeedom then.
this is shit man. ):

Thursday, July 05, 2007

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i'm bloody sick nowadays ): flu suck.
didnt have a goood day today. i lent my chinese textbk
to one of my seniors and tcher wanted me to get it back
so i went up and asked for the boook. she didnt bring den what can i do?!
okay luh, ask me go buy boook no stock i lend from teacher got prob?
step in to class only shout at me )= *roars*
we quarrelled in class and gave each other attitude.
during recess kena caught again by dm for my attire.
whats wrong with the teachers huh?
my shirt is tucked in can?! den he want me to serve detention tmr.
please lah i'm so-not-going. think i'm very free to serve
ur detentions for nothing isit.
sorrry peeeps if i've shown any forms of attitude today,
i'm really sick and not in the moood to joke at all.
i'm so tired luh! 11.30 we have to leave the class and get ready for co.
went to get ready and we left school at ard 12.30.
and guess what? our schoool totallly spoil the whole rehearsal =,=
the first note actually came out earlier and its so obvious that we
can't continue with the beat so everyone stopped playing and
laugh. its a sarcastic laugh i supposed =/
ahaaa at that moment i wanted to dig a hole and just hide my head in lah~
today's performance is a disappointment everything went so wrong
the beat, the tune and the moood.
after we performed our conductress scold us outside the hall.
shes darn angry! i'm so disapppointed in myself too ):
tuesday is the actual concert alrdy and we're not ready at all!
people lets do this tgt again please!
prss co gold with honours. we're not going to lose to them!
tomoro will be going to simun's bbq with hubhubbbby.
*yays* time to see him again :D
manymany love!