Tuesday, November 28, 2006

hey! i'm talking to some idiot! :]
hahaha. yay! i did the very first step to forget
everything. 27thnov i spent my time with someone
special! (: which is my girlfriendeugenia!~
wahahahaa now u see how much i love her.
our lesbo date! :D
AHAHAHHA my birthday coming already!
i don't care everyone must buy me bigbig
presents!! ^^
thanks ah. i would appreciate all the presents below
perfume i wanted :/
new clothes :]
the best mascara!
and tons of bras and panties :D

Sunday, November 26, 2006

time for me to updateeeeeeee.
this few days had been not-so-bad (:
at least i'm not so stress larh! gagaga.
i tell u all a secret!
TMR IS 1127 by now it should be a 1yr anni.
but, somehow i felt funny
mayb bcos its not gonna be the same anymore.
no more of the laughter,
celebrating, and most of all happiness!
GIRLS. pls confirm with me the dates u all are
able to make it to the chalet. thankyou.
i have been trying to let go! :D
& i have a phobia for handsome guys ! HAAAAH
and yes i wanna know more&more friends!
:D loveeee

Sunday, November 19, 2006

baby, i wanna forget u,
thats not i really wanted i swear but since
u cheated me. i swear in my life
i will try my hardest to forget u.
i've block u in msn, deleted ur contact.
most of all, deleted u in my mind.
i wont bother u anymore.
because i won't love a liar ; cheater.
love is just shit.
and i will start a new lifeee.

Friday, November 17, 2006

woooo, sucha long time since i update.
well, this few days was fine. but suddenly just lost mood
and the enthu in things. mayb i'm just feeling tired
of the heart-headaches.
im going through some rollarcoasters :/
gagaga. mayb its time for me to somesort of take a rest?(:
anyone pls ask me out fo tea?
soooooooo bored, my darlings! its time to
enjoy our holidays. ; please take note
we'll be booking a chalet ard dec 17th to 28th?
well duno yet. so be prepared to pay around 30bucks.
and i'm so damm fucking excited!
im going korea!!!!! :D ^^
eyyyy i'm fat and short. wtf i duno why.
god damm pleaseeee let me grow just a wee bit taller?
anyw im having a phobia for guys currently.
so im only interested in well... girls! gagaga.
girls talk to me,

Friday, November 10, 2006

hmmm been thinking whether should go zoo or wad,
but in the end i thought of going kbox! (:
ytd actually we have piano lessons but in the end
the teacher cancel it! dammit. :]
so we actually use our piano time to shop for clothes.
i bought 4 bras, :]]]]
and 2 shorts. :]]]]]
yay! im feeling so damm hungry now.
and im getting so damm fucking busy these days.
i'm having lotsa CO pratices.
and the thing is i have to eat macdonalds
almost 3 times a week! OH GOSH.
i don wanna be any fatter. im getting so fat!
hmmmm so guys had anyone decided to employ me?
i told ya that i can work as anything .
call me leh. ((((((:
actually the perfume i want is not veh cheap lei. ((:
hai, somethings wont be the same once its gone.
misses. <3

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i duno why im feeling so lost.
sometimes i think i really need him,
sometimes when hes coming back
i suddenly felt strange.
am i used to the single life or had my feelings for him
faded? we started as frens, but
i duno why suddenly things end up like that.
i'm an utter moron to let myself be so vunerable towards love.
i duno wad has got me.
i duno wad i want.
mayb life's like that. waahaaas :]
hmmms. wahahaaas. mayb enough of my emo :D
but seriously thats wad i think. :]
frens are the only ones who can make me forget things.
to Girls : im a planning a day out by this week, girls please be avail
next week onwards. mayb to the zoo, bird park,
whatsoever :/
and it's a yay yay. im feeling so excited right now.
mayb because im going overseas and my birthday
is approaching! wahaaa. (:
and fuck it. im so damm broke right now.
i needa buy perfume for myself but im broke!
anyone who wants to employ me please give me a call!
i can work as a one-day maid ! (((:
im already saving up all my money!
and i hate ppl saying me chubby. wad the hell
has it got to do with u if im fat? fuckyou la.
its a non- of- ur -buisness.
lallaalala. this should be the longest i had ever posted.
i'll be taking real lots of pictures with ppl i know.
i wanna have an album (:
oh ya before i forget, someone please volunteeeer
to give a perfume on my birthday.
i swear i will thanks you loads. (: anyone?
i'm getting lamer.
&damm, my hair is getting ugly ^^

Monday, November 06, 2006

wahahahaas ytd went to vivo. :]
it wasn't very big, except for the huge cinema standing there.
the things there are so expensive!
and there was like 10000 people all squeezing in to vivo!
and i heard that the fucker D went to.
was so lucky din manage to see him! ((((:
yay finally bought my adidas jacket! HAHAHA
now jolene beside me. kpo kpo see wad i type!
and those ppl, don't ever try to do anything funny.
don try me,
don even touch me. because i wont make ur life easy
if u do that.
and mason lim ah. please stop saying things
that won't benefit us okay?
LOVES. :]]

Sunday, November 05, 2006

i really do hate people who doesnt trust me.
once i gave people my promise,
i wont even try to break them at all.
but this few days theres this hateful basterd
who doesnt believes me and now hate for no reason
by just looking things on the surface.
i hate him. i really do.
he makes me know that ppl around me
are just so fake. when bad things
starts to happen all they'll do is starts to run
away. do u think its fair for me?
and so please stop acting as though u understand every
girl. u are so fake! dumb!
weeeeeeee. love my girls.
i swear i won't go near u anymore. fucker D

Friday, November 03, 2006

just here to tell everyone, im fine.
thanks for all ur concerns. i was damm grateful,
everything was okay ytd.
they didn't find me. and the both parties just talk it over.
i was just feeling real great that things didnt turn out
as how i expected.
anyway ; today gotten my streaming results.
i got into 3a2 taking POA.
glad that 7/9 of the us will be in the same class again ! :]]
my girls ; Eugenia ; xuanhui ; xinhui ; wanzhuang
zazilah ; xinhui ; jolene
last but not least me!! weees! (:
and so sorry for ivy and shensi but dont ever give
up on urself! work even harder! hahhaas,
im sure i gonna miss the times 2a2 spent together
crapping and joking ard.
after going through so many ups and down with me.
i gotta really thanks my class, 2a2.
i gonna love u guys! although we might not be in the same class
anymore, but don't worry i'll still rmb the days.
hope u guys think likewise too!
now lets just say bye to 2a2 ! ):
really thanks for all the fond memories.....

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i created a new blog. as for the reason why,
i guess most of the ppl who knows me know :]
since i created a new one.
theres gonna be a new me, i wont care how ppl gudge me
as much the past.
its so wrong. things just don seems to work anybetter.
maybe because the world is turning ; therefore the people
are changing. its really so different
in a second everything just vanish into the thin air,
the memories ; times spent tgt ; laughter.
how much i wished everything will just be the same
and we still move on.
tomoro they're finding me out to talk.
im not afraid but just worried.
lets just pray hard that things wont turn out as bad as i expected.
yes and it goes on....