Wednesday, November 28, 2007

HYPOCRITES. & i hope all of you die $%(&!%^*
i don't want to name anyone out. laughs cause i can't bother to do so.
AND FOR YOUR BIG IMFORMATION, ask your "bestfriends"
what they said about you before they go blabbering their effing
mouth out. haha! totallly........ RIDICULOUS.
know what girl? i don't even care how or what you feel about me now.
can't you see i don't even bother to explain to you anything?
because you guys are NOT WORTH to be my friend.
ask them quick HAHAHAHAHAHA FUN.
&.... you wanna try me?

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Current mood- Bored! >:/ time do really flies.. especially this particular 2007.
i still remember how i act and do things when i'm still childish.
thinking back, all those memories seems bad but quite interesting
actually. right? its gonna be the end of year and many things change..
the way i look, the people i hang out with & my BestFriends.
i never knew things would turn out this way.. but yea,
i'll just let nature take its course fo now. to my suprise, i
actually still remember all the small little things that happen this year.
i'll be more then happy to share with you guys now(:
i was with my first ex boyfriend till this year beginning of january.
some free tickets for "Just follow law" watched with girl & her gege.
celebrated my valentine's day with my girl, a memorable one.
started to like my second ex around valentine's day.
continued carrying a torch for him till may we're attached.
broke up during early august with him, single till now.
laughs and many many tiffs with my girl... anyw, i know
we're not close anymore. but nevertheless i'll still be here for you
if one day you need a listening ear or a shoulder. (:
i've learnt alot of things from all the lessons i was given...
learnt how to control, how to smile often, how to be a happy girl,
how to enjoy being single, how to bake cakes from my girl,
how to refrain myself from being sad bcos of any guy,
how to understand things better, how to put on better makeups,
how to think about how others will feel......
& how to feel bless with what i'm having currently.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

ahhhh! look at those lovely cup cakes. yummmmmy
got these cute lil cupcakes from a wedding lunch(:
if i'm not wrong i heard that it'll cost ard $4 per cupcake. $$$$
bad news - my hair is short now... as for the reason why,
its for you to find out & for me to know. Laughs! -terrible :/
anyw, i've got 456282950 new pictures to upload but i'm
just pure/very lazy these few weeks and i don't know why!
a big sorry for my readers!
but this time i promise you guys i'll post VERY x10 often
once i come back from japan :DDDDDD
oh yah! i'll be away for japan on the 11th of december- 20th.
so don't go around asking where i've been or something(:
haaaaah this funnny story to tell you guys....
i seriously find that i can't click with that girl. & whats wrong?
okay i'm random =,= back to my random topics.
plans of Eileen poh may peng's life.
what to do when i grow up: to start my very own bridal business
when do i plan to get attach again: as soon as i think im up to it
when do i plan to get married: when i'm 25 hopefully?
when do i plan to have my own beautiful kids: 27 :DDDD
okay thats all for today.
for this, i had enough.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

who knows when i reallly feeel sad? me, myself & I.
anyw, big thanks to all of you guys who helped me that day when
i'm drunk. sorry too. (:
laughs it has been more den a week since i last blog.
don't know why am i so lazy these days.
for the past week i have been going out with the bunch of them
for like almost everyday and i really enjoyed myself.
maybe because i find you guys really easy and nice to talk to.
if i've been showing any forms of moodswings/attitude,
please forgive/pardon me. cause recently my mood is somehow
like a rollercoaster going up and down non-stop.
i'll blog again soon.

Monday, November 05, 2007


finally, i understand what is working...
working is not fun at all, its just super tiring. serious,
no joke. but i don't deny, working at shu uemura really
teaches me alot of things. especially when its at tangs,
town area we get to see alot of different kinds of people.
for example : really friendly ones or those super fussy ones.
this job really let me experience more about makeups which
are my all-time-favourites. let me elaborate more on it now..
first day ; report to work at 12.15 was really shy
and met the first senior i knew, she was 19 named melissa
shes really a nice girl though. Annie a senior too taught me
all about shu uemura's products & 300jie told me all
their prices which i took around 1/2 a day to memorise.
oh ya! and the stock was horrible. imagine eyeshadow we
have more den 50 colours how to find? and you have to
remember all the places where they'll keep the specific
piece cause you'll have to attend to the customer,
take the stock from the cardboard and even write the
receipt. i think you guys should know some tai-tais are
really so hard to satisfy. laughs! today ;
even worse. all my seniors have to attend a course so
my shift from 10-3.30 i'm like all alone! think about
how busy i am today. haha! now even if i close my eyes
i'll remember all their prices. & i think i'll be working
again very sooon. don't ask me why i can work there
because me myself don't have any idea too. :D
shu uemura is love.

Thursday, November 01, 2007

yayness, i'm hired. [like finally] =,=
by shu-uemura as a part time cosmetic counter girl.
(: i'm very happy seriously. luckily i went through the very
formal and scary interview.
working schedule: sunday 12.30-9.30
monday 9.30-3.30
i'll be back bloggging sooon. very lazy