Monday, September 29, 2008

Hi ppl, if you're asked to view my blog
from the IRC on the sex channel, it's not me!
Its a poser!!!!! I don't have a facebook nor
who livenearu acc ... They're all fakes!
I feel so wronged! People come adding me in msn saying
things like they're paying $500 for _____ .
Let me say this once and for all... I'm not those kinda cheap
slut you guys see me as. I'm only using friendster, blog and msn
other than that, think twice... it's not me.
I know you're posing as me on IRC to get people to add me
on msn. Please stop that will you? I thought i did nothing to
offend whoever you are?
And yeah, because of this... i lost my mood for blogging today.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hello dear readers, please don't ask me why my face is so red
or whatsoever( because i really didnt had any blusher on).
I'll be having Chem, Phy and Maths P1 on monday......
It's really nearing ..... but i sense no urgency at all.
I've got so many things to complain to you ppl sweeties.
So sorry i can't digggggg the time out from the clock for you
people yet! Please be patient yeah. I'll blog on anything you
guys want! just email me hokay? Laughs.
I just need someone to talk to.
If only i'm able to turn back time.

Monday, September 22, 2008

I'm sorry my dear readers, i neglected you people!
I'll not be back till the 1st paper on the 29th......
Please wait patiently alright! My posts will be much
more intriguing then.
With love <3

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Warning( this post in full of random thoughts)
A piece of hot sizzling news. Eileen will be going to Europe
during the holidays. I thought that was freagging sexy yeah.
The mundane life i'm leading everyday in school gives me
nothing to post about. Being a studious girl is fun afterall..
going to school with tons of worksheets and friends.
I think that's the only exhilarating reason going school.
Me wanna go overseas to further my studies.
Just wanna liberate myself from the stress in singapore.
(see, i told you this post gonna be full of rubbish random thoughts)
Wait for me, after my exams i'm gonna spent some money.
2569024815 years since i last shopped. Can't stand it anymore.
I'll be free after 7th of october. Any job intros please email
me. Past experience: Shu Uemura's Promoter.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Updated one*
Back to edit this post.... My eyes look swollen till now. Nope,
stop guessing it's not over guys anymore. There is always
this particular issue that has been in my mind for 16 years.
In my small little family, there's only three of us- Dad, Mum
and me. You're right, i'm the only child. Whenever i tell
people around me that i'm the only child, they would always
envy me. But the fact is, i don't enjoy being the only child
at all. Know why? At times, i just don't know who to turn to.
Because my parents were still young then and were busy
so they brought me to one of my grand-aunt till i was in k2?
I grew up in a doting environment with everything i demanded,
every attention i had. In fact, over the years i grew up to be
someone overly-dependent. That's probably why my parents
are always very worried about me being out. I wanted very
much to convey the message like i'm already aware of what's
good and bad for me. However, everytime i'm the one ended
up in the wrong. I know i'm impatient in my attitude towards
talking to my parents but i think they should also put
themselves in my shoes.. I can manage things on my own..
I'm really able to. Don't be afraid, don't be worried that
i'll mix with the wrong company. Because I won't.
Sometimes, it's not always the child at fault. Parents too
are human... they make mistakes too.
I think we're very much lack of communication in here.
But i still love my parents of course......
Sighs, here i am... alone at home again.
I've got many peektures of myself taken ytd.
Will post them up soon sweeties(:
My heart is in a whirlpool.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sighs, got to go for tuition soon.... No time to blog at all.
Shit! Nevermind, i'll be back real soon.
I need a break.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thanks, i know i look crappish.

ok i have a high forehead.


Dear xinci :)
The three brothers =,=
Woahhh! had enough of all those ugly photos already.
I'm so goonna dig up all those cute photos of myself on the next post.
Ps: it has been more than weeks since i last make up.
( as in those hardcore ones)
I think it looks wonderful to be natural at times.
right dear readers? (: okay i'm talking to myself anyway.
Saturday 6th of sept. East coast
Had fun with Xinci, Min-er, Justin, Minsan and Garret.
Ok i'm an angry girl yesterday. We so shouldnt have rent the
bikes from my friend's shop. I swear it suck to the max.
Xinci and mine was too smooth and we can't speed.
(but this xinci still manage to be infront and i wonder how)
So i was quite lethargic after countless attempts of trying
to be or should i say act fast. Ended up right at the back
(okay i'm the last lah) Thanks ms for waiting if not i'll
not know which way to go! but anyw, i cheated so end
up, Ms last! laughs (don't say i'm evil because i always am*blinks)
After cycling, we went to lagoon to have our dinner.
A luscious one! Spent ard $60 bucks.
However, heaven did us no good.... it rained when we
wanted to head home. All of us spent some time chatting
below the shelter. My parents fetched ms home den
mum and i went to grandma's house.
Okay i'll be back sweeties, any ideas
what to post? :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hello dear readers, i'm finally back from exams and chalet!
I'm not gonna blog now.
Because, i'm going east coast tmr.
So sweeties, i've decided to post prolly/hopefully tomorrow.
heheheh! My next post will be full of retarded peektures of
my friends and I k? Be back!

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thanks SS, you killed me today.
I so shouldn't even have spent time on ss lah. Goodgame...
everything i studied never come out at all! The moment i
flipped open the paper i mumbled " dammm i don't know
what all these structured questions asking" Goodluckhavefun.
So i spent like 15 mins stone-ing as i was still in the
state of shock. This is exciting... i'll just pray hard that
the teacher marking my paper will be in good mood and
award me with a B please. Okay i'm dreaming.
I think i should be more stoical towards dealing with exams.
I'm quite worried about tomorrow's english paper.
The hackneyed ideas for compo in my mind are all
boring... let's just hope something nice will pop up
in my head tomorrow okay? Imma grab an 'A' tmr.
Imma = I'm going to not i am readers.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Over- Chinese N level paper.

Eileen is an elated girl now :)
The chinese was freaggging easy i swear.
A2 i hope!
Anyway, do bear with me yeah sweeties....
Tomorrow SS paper and the day after tmr,
English. Pray hard for me.
I'll be back with many nice peektures soon!