Saturday, August 30, 2008

Teacher's day celebration.
Xinci and i baked this (:
Mrs Cross and Mr Cheng
The class T-shirt( i designed it k )
Everyone's busy eating!
Xinhui and zilah.
Syafiq and haider :)
Qim the cutie
Nasrul the almighty chairman :)
The ex chairman hanif
Zhijun ahgirl and me
Xinci, Garret and me :)

I wanna thank many people for making ytd's celebration
a successful one. Nasrul, Thanks for working so hard as
the chairman in organising the class etc etc.
Nareefah for preparing the superb mee goreng for the
class which was scrumptious! Zilah and xinhui
for helping to buy the things needed and preparing the
drinks (: Xuanhui and Wendy for baking the brownies
and cookies. Last but not least, Xinci for helping me so
much in the muffins and the tibits. Without your help,
i don't think i can cope with so so so many things...
(of course, not forgetting myself.... for all the hard work*pats*)
Also, a big sorry for 4a2... sorry if the class t-shirt design
did not suit you guys.... i'll do a better job next time alright.
Hope you ppl enjoyed ytd... Thanks for all the good times.
Coming to the end of sec 4, I find myself reminiscing
about this 4 years of schooling but only to find it so
transient... but it's definately the ephemeral joys of
the four fun years we all spent together.
very soon, we'll find ourself bidding goodbye to each
other. Not sure whether we will meet again.....
Given a choice, i really want time to stop.
To stop at secondary school... i love my class
i love my friends... i don't want to lose them.
If anyone of you in 4a2 is reading this........
Yesterday i really felt so touched. Everyone was
working and contributing to make something
work. Anyone have the same thoughts as Eileen?
A heartfelt thanks classmates, friends & teachers.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Old photo

Hello dear sweeetiepies readers, gotta rush for tuition so..
An old photo here, enjoy! :)
I'm not an ahlianzxzxzzxzxzxzxxzxzxzx.
N levels next week.
i've got no time no time no time.
wait for my next post! With love,

Monday, August 25, 2008

I love my piano
messsy table!

Hehehe. Thats taken on the national's day......
I know, i'm random.
Played badminton with my classmates today.
I'm very fond of exercising recently (except for running)
From tomorrow onwards, we'll not be having
maths lessons anymore. We'll be coaching 4a1 students
maths. Their class only have 10 passes for maths
and 25 who failed terribly.. while our class acheived
20 distinctions? see the gap now?
yayness, i'm in the same group as xinci..
Love spending time with her! sucha nice girl (:
To whoever wants to give up their N levels:
Hello, whoever you are...
Girls, we've to be self dependent...
we can't always depends on the guys.
Ever thought of what will be of you if your husband
walks out of you? At the very least, if you have the
cert and skills required, you'll be able to feed
yourself and get back onto life. Am i right?
if you're a guy, the destruction inflicted on you
will be much more heavier than the girls...
you know why? You ppl have NS.....
You think higher nitec is easy to get in?
no... you still have to get goood grades for
English, maths with a L1B4 <19
If all these are still not getting into your ears...
Wait, do you think any woman will want you
in the future if you're earning $1k per month?
To be realistic, no..
C'mon peeps, we've all gone through thick and thins.
do you really bear to see all the hardwork you've
done to pass all the exams in the past 3 years or so
to be in vain just because you've given yourself up
at this very last minute? I love our class...
seriously i do. Friends or foes, don't give up
alright? I'm all behind you. Do your part, at least....
Give it a try.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Stupid faces in school.
Xinci :)
If you try to figure it out...
BABY! :)
Sotong and baby.

School's craze! Theres like still many more of my ugly
faces! Laughs. Anyw, these few days were hectic!
Papers and papers flooding in for us to do.
N levels is just one week away from nowwwwwww.
Oh my, this is scary! Nevermind, i shall belabor
on my combine humanities. I suck at that, thanks.
Who thinks that the education system
in Singapore is too tough?
( wow, i see many people raising their hands behind their computers!)
I wonder how singaporeans feels spending
more than 15 years studying... Doesn't sound
too nice uh? Getting a cert is a must in sg!
Even a girl like me who didnt really bother abt
studying in the past is starting to fantod.
Ok i think i've too many things to rant about.
Shall stop here.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Hello dear readers, I'm here to update you ppl about
some my results (scroll to the post below for more results)
As i was saying....
Chemistry paper 2 27.5/30 right?
Chemistry paper 1 14/20 =,=
Total: 41.5/50
Physics paper 1 15/20
Physics paper 2 18.5/30
Total: 33.5/50
Grandtotal for CombiScience: 75/100 A1
Principles of acc paper 1 8/40
Principles of acc paper 2 15.5/60
Total: 23.5/100
Anyw, our classs only got 30% passes.
And i know i suck in this...... sighs.
Geography Total: 25/50
First time in my life passing geog.
Alright babies, gotta go meet wz and yh for
studying and aftermath, for tuition.
Won't be online today.
update soooon :)

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Disappointed, disappointed, very disappointed.
Held back my tears for the whole of today.
English Paper 1 46/60
English Paper 2 42/80
Total: 67/100
Readers, try to be in my shoes.........
how do you feel if your grades drop from a A1
To a B3? To my horror, half of the class failed
the paper 2. Mine was barely a pass....
you know what? 67 was one of the top 5 in class.
Joke? definately not. Indeed, lousy Eileen.
Maths paper 1 43/80
Maths paper 2 53/60
Total 71/100
I knew thats gonna happen to my paper one.
guess what? you guys should know the compound
interest P(1+r/100%)n right? wait, hello? it's
even given on the paper. The question clearly
stated 2.25 %. Readers, you know what i keyed
in?!?! 2.2 instead of 2.25.
It's a mockery to myself, i swear.
Whats more... for the gradient i wrote there
y1-y2/x1-x2 guess what i wrote on the workings?
Instead of it being a (-) , i wrote (+)
Because of that dumb mistake of mine,
the rest of the 3 parts of the question, i got 0.
A Big Fat Zero.
All those that i knew i can do, i got it wrong
just because i'm careless, complacent & not focus.
Chemistry paper 1 not yet.
Chemistry Paper 2 27.5/30
Okay i'm contented with this..........
but still, 2 careless mistake and there goes my 2 mrks.
Chinese paper 1 30/70.
Joke. More than half failed chinese.
I did tried my best.... but why?
To think that N levels starts in less than 2 weeks
time. Yet you see what i'm scoring?
i'm useless. help.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

2 of the overdue peektures.

Nah, don't get it wrong readers, nikhil ain't gay :)
Friday 15th,
Spent my night away with baby and nik at mac
watching funny youtube videos on my lappy.
Saturday 16th,
Went over grandma's house and had dinner
while momma played majiong.
Sunday 17th,
Played badminton with MM, Jus, Grt and Ms.
Enjoyed myself. MM and i trashed them.
(yay) Laughs! it has been ages since
i last sweat soooooo muchhhhh! I feel good.
So dear babies, i'm gonna have the prelim for
my suckiest subject ever. let me hereby present
to you.............. Principles of accounting.
Whats worst is, it's the theory paper one tmr.
There're like tons and piles of notes for me to
memorise but wait, guess what? I haven't started.
Wish me luck ppl.
Hope i'll be able to eh... at least get a 15/40?
do wait for me readers,
i'll be back.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Not in the mood for peektures posting

Darn! Sorry for not blogging dear ppl,
i've been so busy with my prelims these few days...
I'm confident in my chem this time round.
sososo many peektures... but just don't have the
mood to just blog about them yet.
Laughs i think i'm mad.
I'll blog tmr!
Someone please ask me out for

Monday, August 11, 2008

National's day peektures

Hello dear readers, i know i know you ppl must think
that we're crazy cause the 10 of us wore red and white.
we're not mad, we just love singapore.
Well, sad to say.... i thought this year's fireworks arent
as goood as the past years. The ambience was dead too.
we're the only ones who were so happy jumping ard
singing the songs along....
I laughed to myself upon chancing the photos of me
with my friends last year on the same day....
Many things changed, Many things left unsaid,
Many things left undone and Many things left
with regrets. A year just speed through my eyes.....
I'm a year older, a year wiser.
I hope or should i say i wish, that whatever i do
i'll think of all the consequences, so on and so forth.
Humans rejoice over success, I don't.
I rejoice over failures, because i've learnt something
new from it. ( It's a norm for me to cry for days and weeks before rejoicing)
Anyw, thanks Baby, Jus and Ms for studying with
me ytd. I hope i didn't make your blood boil because
of my ultra dumb maths brain.
Tmr geog and maths paper 1
thurs maths paper 2.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Happy National's day!

Happy Birthday Singaporeeeeeeeeeee! You're 43!
Wishes for the whole nation:
The government will cease the GST charges.
Stop Inflation! It's killing many of us i supposed?
& Singaporeans all to live harmoniously forever!
Ps: I love singapore so very much.
(No! i'm not kidding )
So.... Baby, Weeting and Jiaqi came for a
Stayover-baking night yesterday. We've baked
Muffins of many creations and most importantly
the icing of singapore flag decorated! Shepherd
pies too. Yummmy! hokay, shhhh shhhhh
i hope they don't read this!
Jiaqi suck in decorating.... but wait, guess who
emerged as the winner? Weeting!
She can't decorate things for nuts sake.
I think prolly in her life, shes only good at
eating *says in a pissing tone*
The 2 pigs are still soundly asleep in my room.
Btw, we had so much fun yesterday laughing
at our own jokes and how ugly we were in
the peektures. hehe sometimes the smile
shutter function in the camera cheers many up.
Dear readers! i'm going to celebrate national's
day with my friends at esplanade(not confirmed)
So we'll be taking lotsa peektures bcos
randolph the bitch and baby will be there.
oh yeah, and the peektures of us in the
baking ytd (: sooon, i'll be back! With Love <3

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

East coast rollerblading. & alden, alvin

Hokay i swear i didnt put on any forms of makeup
on the first 2 peektures taken with baby k!
(except for the drawing of brows la *laughs*)
Ahaa we had fun rollerblading with deserie the noob.
aftermath, we went to simpang to meet justin
for dinner. wooooooooooo the foood there is just...
aweesomeeee! Love the ambience there too!
Reached home around 12?
Went out with Momma to tm on sunday.
Spent around 200 in total. WAIT. DON'T GET IT
WRONG.. among the 200bucks, 80bucks on
me. It have been ages since i last shopped....
I think it has been around 2 months since i last
stepped into town. Fabulous! i'm sure it did
a part in helping me save money.
Met up with Weeting the pig and maggie my
twin and had lotsa fun and laughter!
I'll be having crosscountry tomorrow at
pasir ris park. Tuition in the night.....

Friday, August 01, 2008

Taken a week ago. A long post sighs..

School 's life is still the same and i can only describe it
as hectic, very hectic, super hectic.
The English paper on thursday killed me.
Never in my life have i thought that English will be that
difficult. Well, only ourselves to blame because Mrs
Cross did warned us that it's going to be a very tough
paper. Let's just keep my fingers crossed and pray hard
that i'll not score badly...... (sighs)
Seriously speaking i felt beatitude the minute i flipped
open the SS paper today. Hokay i confesssssssss i
didn't study a single shit for it except for the 3 case
studies that etched in my mind since the mid-year
exams. Oh yeah, chinese paper 1. I reckon that i'll
score higher this time round because it's the first
time in my life writing chinese words that i felt super
proud of! Enough of those... my prelims will resume
on the 12th, kicking off with maths. *cries*
There're no exams next week because our school
is going to have many events.
I'm sorry dad, i wasted your money.
The piano that you immediately bought for me
after enrolling 3 years back cost $4500?
but i left it untouched for months till weeks ago.
The Erhu you bought for just because i'm in the
erhu section cost $600 but i left it untouched for
I feel utterly disappointed and disgraceful of
myself..... just barely 3 years ago i was the young
girl thats so enthusiastic in everything i do.
3 years later, i found myself a 16 yo girl still
not studying for her exams.
To add on, i felt so redundant today during
Co. What the hell is this sectional leader doing?
All the juniors she taught before is performing
for Co why shes not? that's exactly what i
mumbled to myself today. I felt lousy....
I couldnt do anything to help. All i could do
was just looking at the back while they're performing.
Wanzhuang asked me to teach her Canon today.
yes, i'm able to play but it sounded downright
awful. It wasn't like that a year ago....
Just merely a year ago,
Eileen played proudly for Prss Co
Eileen was in love with her erhu
Eileen was so happy with her friends
On the flip side,
Eileen was never sitting down studying.
Eileen hurls vulgarities everywhere.
Eileen was among the last in class.
So what exactly have gotten into me now?
Everything is differing from what i thought
it would be. I wonder how many of you will
be understanding this post....
9am-12am tomorrow, Poa rememdial in sch.