Friday, August 31, 2007

ohh my god god god can anyone actually believe this?
its a friday and i'm fuckingly stuck at home.
i seriously hate being at home on fridays and weekends.
theres so many many things i wanna do right now!
go kbox and sing my heart out, go shop till i drop &
watch some very scary horror movies!
any takers? i'm like so boredddddd now.
and peeeps really sorry yea, it has been a long time
since i came online. apologise if i neglected some of you.
oh yah, i remember watching 1408 with zilah and jolene.
and people please don't watch that show.
at the beginning its like not-so-bad, middle its like
so-so and what is it all about now?
the ending is fucking lousy doesnt seems to scare
me at all. spent 7 dollars to scare myself but end up
"huhing" about that movie =,=
i'll rate that piece of shit 2 stars please.

Friday, August 24, 2007

i will not be in singapore.

Monday, August 20, 2007

whatever i do, i'm always the one in the wrong.
in your heart, never am i a goood, respectful or a good d_______
yea i'm not your d_______ you don't have a d_______ like me.
oh yea you treat me well? bought me everything i liked?
it has got nothing to do with the relationship between us.
why always got so worked up over small little things?
why does it always have to end up the same?
why can't u just be like d__ who knows how to talk
things over to me nicely even before trying to use his hands?
why are you so unreasonable? why are you so not understanding?
fancy you being my m_____. and i swear i really
hated yesterday. nothing's gonna make me forget what
you did to my phone. why can't you just fuckingly
listen to me. yeayea everything u do is right.
your hands are painful. mine's not mine's not okay?
and whether or not i want to attend school is really
non of your business. i love school so do you have any
problems with it? i'm really getting sick of this h___
of mine. you people will see sometime i'll go crazy
and it'll be time i'll not be h___ and leave for good.

Friday, August 17, 2007

words from me to you people,
Jolene loke: girl uh, u always say i don't love you!
but thats what you think luh actually deep down in my heart
u do matters alot to me. There are times when
i'm really down and didn't know what to do whos there
to help and cheer me up? yes, youuuuuuuu.
i thank god theres you with me dear.
& don't think too much hokay! & u're love :D
Zazilah: girlfriend! haaaaaaaaas who usually accompany
me and make me real happy without any worries?
of course its you lah! i rmb times when we quarrelled
over small lil things. but i'm sure it didnt hurt our
friendship at all. & all the times being with me,
big thanks to you! (;
rowell wifey: girl, although we had not know each other
for long but i really feel the friendship between us.
haaaas, everytime i quarrel with him whos the one
cheering me up and biting me?! YOU LAH!
laughs. See! such a good friend i've got. right? (:
i know u're still feeling upset but i do really hope u'll
not think about it anymore. just like how u told me*
Love Laopo,
Joelyn & Xijie : at times when i'm feeling frustrated and down
u both did crack funny jokes just to make me laugh.
although this year we started to get closer but i really
love times spent with you people.
now both of you are busy studying for exams.
big luck for you! love yea (:
Randolph: hey bitchhhhhh , 3 years of friendship really didnt
went down the drain. i enjoyed crapping with you.
and u really showed me how things work in another
way. i hope that u'll not break your fragile heart anymore!
and yes bitch u're love !
Wanzhuang & Xuanhui: girls uh, no more quarrels hokay?
see life's so much better without those quarrelings!
HAHA, u're both my listeners. whenever i have problems
be it a small or a big one the both of u never fail
to lend me a listening ear and a mouth with jokes.
And And there're people i miss!
wanjoo yanling amelia benji shermaine xueqi simun rowell
yuzhen adeline irene and many more.
those not mentioned are not forgotton too.
thanks you people. this is <3!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

okay dear readers, stop huh-ing. (:
cause i'm really in my school's chinese orchestra
&& i'm in the erhu section. suprising uh?
hokayyyy and i hope u people won't spot me in the photo.
Laughs. oh yah these few days had been prety warm
so dear girlfriends/friends please take care and
drink more water alrights! :D
awww shit, i think i'll fail my EOY exams luh.
because i just realised that my brain had not been working
this year. i seriously don't know anything about
sec 3 work leh! maths = really driving me crazy
science = i don't know whats happening
english = the teacher really suck a big time
chinese = ahaaa learnt nothing?
my conclusion: sec 3 year is honeymoon~
tomoro we'll be having a school trip to macpherson
ite. please let tomoro be a windy day!
oh yahhhh girls! theres this very nice lip gloss
by canmake selling at only $12.90 at watsons
grab it now! (:
& i hope i'll find a goooood man,
update tomorrow~

Sunday, August 12, 2007

tell me tell me am i too late to realise that.........
u actuallly still lingers in my mind? =/
let go let go let go let go let go let go let go let go
its easier said den done.
and i don't think i'll make it because hey,
i really miss you.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

i hope everyone who plays around with girls die.
especially youuuuuuu. and u're not great, u're a sucker.
u're forgotton but not forgiven ass.
get that into your mind boy. so what if u're more
that average looking? does that makes u a player?
stop all ur doings. u're big enough stop playing ur days away.
someday, i know u'll understand.
whos the asshole who created friendster?
without friendster i'm sure there won't be so many players
around. aiyah whatever luh.
hey people its a lovey-dovey red day today :D
yaynesss my favourite colour hokay. laughs.
its 2-15pm now and i'm still rottting at home darn lazyyyyy.
gonna meet my friends later for the fireworks!
oh yah, everyyear when theres fireworks, theres no...
boyfriend. LOL, girlfriends are important! ^^

Monday, August 06, 2007

okay, i'm fucking sick. someone help me please!
_l_ i hate days when i'm sick and no one's caring about it.
& i think i neeed someone with me now.
as i'm so bored at home! my phone isin't ringing for like
manymany days already. and who call that a phone!
*roars* okay i don't even understand what i'm complaining and
talking about now. hahaha i'm sick and bored like crazy.
so if u save me i'll be thankful and hug you.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

alright people please stop asking. let me say it once more,
i'm single and don't ask what happen.
now i really wonder whats the point of being in a relationship
when i know it wouldnt last at all! *roars loudly*
because things always ended the same way.
saying bye-bye / sayonara to each other. what the duck =,=
so whats the difference betweeen a 2 yrs relationship &
a 1 yr relationship? ans : broke off (same) Laughs.
girls, ladies, women or whatsoever please wake up~
we should know clearly things won't last for "forever",
stop being naive. & boysguysmen just what's wrong with
you people? stop saying i love you if you don't really mean it
and pleaseplease stop saying hey girl be with me
if you can't secure us with a long termed relationship.
guys please refrain from treating love and us like a
fool. we ain't fools, we're growing ladies-to-be (:
enough talking let me present my flaws to you people.
i'm stupid, lazy, dumb, ugly, selfish, irritating, sensitive,
noisy, possessive, bad tempered and&and nosey~
hokayyyy. too bad this is just me. Laughs.
but this is really shit luh. i'm efffing bored at this time.
*pouts* ahhh shit okay.
&& i believe someday sometime i'll feel loved and love
again right? but i think being lesbian is cool :D

Thursday, August 02, 2007

okay people~ sorted things out and i'm
single again (:

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

schooling suck. especially on days when u're really tired
and mooody =/
yea i totally agree friends are the most important.
Laughs. this few i hadn't beeen feeling happy thanks people like
yanling, rowell, wanjoo, joelyn, jolene, zilah, wanzhuang,
xinhui, xuanhui and eugenia although shes away for OBS.
almost everything didnt go well for me..
many days since i last contacted you. seriously hope
everything's doing well for you.
people, love's a total bitch. unless you really find someone
who really love you. & its difficult.
now i'm like so lack of confidence in relationships already.
but yea i hope i'll get over all these sad things soon.
now i don't even understand our situation. Laughs.
pleaseeeee no more flings ):