Thursday, February 26, 2009

Why am i so busy everyday? How i hope i have another 6 hours
per day. Heavy responsibilities seems to be slowing my steps.
Honestly, i've lost my momentum totally.
I've been feeling lost and hopeless the past 2 months.
Everyone seems to be coping well with the tests, new topics etc.
What about me? To date, i think i've yet to get myself ready.
A very good evidence is my first common test results.
It shocked me, it really did. Despite being disappointed, i kept
telling myself to start studying to start studying but i never did.
Even if i spent hours sitting there trying hard to get books into
my head, it wasn't sucessful and was all in vain.
Recently, my mind doesn't seems to be with me. I've been
thinking of many redundant issues that i shouldn't at this
point of time. Everyone patted my shoulder and said
"Aiyah, don't worry it's a norm to get disastrous results in the
early stage of sec 5 but as time goes, you'll see the difference".
Do i have to go an extra mile and put in concerted effort?
Or do i just sit back, relax and still think that i'll be smart
enough to do last-minute-work? The teachers words have
been inccessantly ringing in my ears loud and clear even before
bed. But i just can't do it. i can't i can't i can't my confidence
is at it's lowest pit nowadays. What is missing from me now?
Wheres the Eileen i've seen last year? Disappeared.
Feelings grow..... my did.
I just hope to build a relationship with a strong base now.
Because i know, when exams starts nearing i'll be deprived of
time. Time is precious i'll try my best to let our time tick
away meaningfully making sure we've cherish and made use
of every minute, every second.
I wonder if i ever treated you well enough. Did i?
Loveyou, weising.

Monday, February 23, 2009

(I'll be back to upload the pictures later! too many of em)
It was hell-stressful for the whole time of last week.
Tests for us seems endless, new topics for us to learn within a
short time seems ever acheivable to the teachers, we've never
seemed to keep up to the expectations of the school ever since
creating the history of the whole class being eligible for sec5.
Whats all these nonsense being incessant?
To add on, my results were terrible, horrifying and disgusting.
For your information i failed my english for the first time
in my entire secondary school life getting an ugly F9. Maths
with a B3, Science with a C5, Chinese with a C6, CombiH
with a D7 and Poa with a F9. Which sums up to passing only
three subjects this time round. How fabulous is that eileen?
I'm so afraid to break these news to my parents.
I swear i'll just be disappointing them a great-big time.
I needa mug mug mug mug. Time isin't on my side baby.
On the lighter note, I gave school a slip today as the cramps
were really bad. hmmm... but it appears to be alright now(?)
Anyw, i'll be meeting zilahgirlf at tm ard 2 later as i can't
stand it anymore! i need to freagging shop and get myself
pretty clothes! thereafter, we'll be meeting ivy and the rest
for a lunchtreat by the birthday girl. So sweet of her isin't it?
Happy birthday in advanced! love you always shortie<3
I might be meeting weising for movie later....
not really sure yet though. Pardon me i need to rant a lil.
This ugly boy of mine went to cut his hair last week and it
looks totally nightmare to me. Why like that?!?!!
Still love you though :)
ROMP IV at Zouk(r&b) + Phuture(trance) on the 15th
march for $20. A cheaperoo grab! Get all your girlfriends
there and have the night fun and cheeky. Tag me or
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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Hi all, menses cramps killing me badly now.
Tons of pictures need to be uploaded.
I'll blog tomorrow. Sorry for the missing!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's day.
"Happy belated V'day readers!"
Let me rant a lil here first okay?
Anyw, i lost my Dkny watch mom bought for me on the
bbq night. This is infuriating! i swearrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.
AND AND AND i lost my fav ring at wisma's forever21
ytd. Guess how..............?
i went to buy rings and i think while trying out the
size, i left my ring at i-don't-know-where.
Some assholes must have took it since that ring is
so pretty. Indeed, friday the 13th is really creepy.
Theres someone i ought to really really thank.
and it is non other than...... ngweising :)
Who will be that nice to
cab to eastcoastpark to see if my watch is still ard
without any complains even though i woke him up
early in the morning and even blamed him for not
keeping my watch? Who will withstand all my
naggings and nonsense? Who will say "nevermind i
still love you" even though i made him so angry?
Who will be so cute to cook for me because he made
me angry? I think no one other than you.
Of course... not to forget my bestfriends,
Justin Eugenia Zilah Jolene Wanzhuang Xinci......
Ahpweee! thanks for being there ok! get well soon..
Love you ppl too! *hugs and kisses*
This is such a sweet and mushy post.
Interested in selling tix, tag me!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hi to all, those interested in selling tix for parties,
Tag me. I'll blog soon! bbq tmr :)
With love.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

This was taken ages back.
I failed physics. Helllloooo can anyone believe this?
How am i gonna maintain my A1 this way? no idea.
Can't blame... Physics is always the one pulling my
marks down. Damn it.
Woooh finally tmr i'll be having the last paper.
Actually i don't really give a damn to poa anyway.
I totally have no idea how am i gonna score for 0s.
I need the drive to study please help me help!
Shit i need to go onstage to read a book review to
the school during morning assembly on thursday.
I feeeling so jittery now.
Yay friday 13th bbq at ecp with weising and friends.
The weather will be fine than any other! [i hope]
How do my readers normally celebrate v'day huh?
Tag me tag me! that's so interesting!

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Thanks for being there.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Hello. Should i club tonight?
Should i should i should i?
I've gotten back my maths results! wanna make a guess?
I would say, not that good. but guess what........
15 in our class failed and theres only 15 getting a b3 and
abv. That includes me! : )
Nevertheless, i'll work harder to make sure i'll get at
at least beautiful distinctions for the next few exams.
i'll be back. xoxo

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Chinese new year day 2.

"Miss blogging so much...."
Ages since i last blogged. I'm so sorry! i've been having
my common test this week till next wednesday and it's
really driving me mad to venus! Schedule as tight as ever.
Time never seems to be enough for me these days.
What's more for maths paper for tomorrow? I'm dead.
Nothing touched, nothing revised and nothing practised.
I'll just keep my fingers crossed that i'll be that lucky.
Anyw, chinese on tuesday was a disaster. The topic that
came out wasn't in the list of my forte and it gave the
whole lot of us quite an unpleasant suprise. Tried the
Anglo-chinese sec's chinese prelim paper and gotten
shitty marks. 13/30. Oh well.... maybe my chinese ain't
that good afterall. Shan't lose faith! Instead, i'll work
harder to make sure my marks improve. It doesn't
matter if it's just one or two marks... as long as i keep
improving. Oh yeah, English on monday was still
alright for me. My target is to at least get a B3-B4.
It'll be best if i can acheive better grades of course.
I can't believe how confident i was doing my SS paper
today. It was the first time in my life i know the
answer by heart.
Okay so sorry about that. Just realise that up till now
everything that i've said is about school school and school.
I'm thinking of getting a new phone.
Nokia E65 E66 or any other good recommendations?
Please give me some advice and tag me sweeeties!
Weising! study hard please.