Wednesday, December 31, 2008

My 16yo birthday celebration
Baked by eugenia, bought by sayyedHi! it's 31st of dec! i'm officially 16 now.
So it means... i'm legally eligible for NC16 movies, entry
for pool and....... Underage parties(like finally -.-)
Birthday celebration @ downtown east chalet was
tiring yet fun and awesome because most of my friends
were there. Anyw, i apologise if i've thrown any temper
on you guys because i was really sick and tired these
few days! please forgive me alright! *hugs* As for
who and who went... let the pictures do the talking.
i wanna thank so many many people!
It will all be on my upcoming post with pictures of presents
my friends had given me. I'll thank you guys individually.
No worries. HAHAHAH
Thanks booonyyyyyy for freagging taking so many
pictures of me when i'm drunk. Thanks alot!
HAHA i'll post them all up soon!
As for now, i'm still thinking where to go.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Kennyoji my brother.

Kennyoji brother, i've said all that i should.
Hope that it helps and whatever decision you make,
i'll be behind you, as always. Thanks for giving me
so many helpful advices since last year :)
Sorry JasonHeng, i didn't mia... just busy these
few days. (i need to prepare for my chalet tmr)
Went shopping with Esther ytd at town.
Spent ard 150+++ on clothes and accessories.
I'm broke! thanks for reminding me that.
Thereafter, met wes and alf at prata house for
supper. Ok i'm lazy to blog about that.
Not really in the mood do anything now though.
Skipping dance later cause my aunt's son 1 year
old birthday! anyw, hes born on the same day as me
12/31. I'm so happy.. finally 16 sooon.
Anyw, those who're invited to the chalet.
I've just received the details on the chalet.
Do sms me to know more! :)
more pictures to upload.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ytd's peeks

Went for xmas dinner at ______ hotel. can't rmb
how to spell it. HAHA anyw, dinner was awesome with
all the lobsters, choco lava cakes, ham, turkey etc etc.
So sorry i guess i'll need to do up one food post cause
i've taken so many pictures of nice foods but haven't
got the chance to share with you guys :)
So how was xmas celebration ytd reader(s)?
(it should be fun because Eileen blessed those who read her blog. haha)
Okay anyw, met up with geniababy at orchard mrt
after my dinner. And those pictures up there is only
a small part of ytd's collection. but whatever...
So after that shitty/sweaty/dirty fun ytd,
geniababy, devina , serena, me, alfred, wesley,
yang and denz cabbed to simpang for late night
supper. Can't believe we sat there for like 3 hours!
(I look damn freagging tired and ugly ytd hope those who saw me
suffers from some memory probs by now *evil*)
Saw that cute elmo thingy on my head ytd?
Wes kidnapped it! he bad he bad guy.
Take gooood care of my elmo! if i see any stains
on him........ you die.
i'll be going out soon!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

A merry xmas in advanced.
"Hi dear readers, may i spread all the love to you ppl on
this special day every year and let the love in us keep
going on and on...."
\*.*/ Spread em to your loved ones!
Spending a heartwarming christmas with parents at
one of the hotels at scotts rd for dinner that will cost
$100+ per head tonight. I'm very excited!!!
because it's my first ever time celebrating it with
my parents because they're not those that would
fork out any time just for the christmas night.
Thereafter, imma meet yoji ss daryl dick etc
at town and we'll be heading to ss house for some
games and stuffs. Although not something
havoc... but i reckon it's better to spend christmas
this way instead of drinking or clubbing.....
(anyw, mom forbits me to do so too.. so i'm a gooodgirl here. hello!)
Every year it's the same for me.......
I'm always having the same old feeling once xmas
comes as my birthday is nearing too. (in like one week time)
Just who... can i spend all these important dates with?
I've already forgotten the feeling i once love to had.
Long gone.
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

22nd Zouk

Was with limin, winnie and friends the whole night.
I don't like ytd's music. Kinda suck till the very end.
We left earlier at about 3 cause we were all tired after
so much dancing! HAHA had fun dancing with peeps!
Saw many familiar faces ytd! i'm sorry if i pissed
anyone of you. I didn't do it on purpose!
More pictures to be posted! i'm going bbq later!
Every christmas and birthday as always, so mundane
to me...........

Monday, December 22, 2008

Zouk tonight.

Stop staring at my forehead!!! i know it's high :)
this picture is kinda taken when i was so bored at home
the other day. pardon me k hahahahaha.
Anyw, i have to go now... gotta prepare bathe and
everything. Tonight gonna be fun and i will be tired
for sure. pictures pictures pictures!
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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Taiwan peeks part 1
I'm very tanned now due to work at sentosa ytd! ):
Anyw, it was a NS event- Raft mess.
Some kinda telematch at tanjong beach.
I was under the sun all the time! 9.30-2pm 60bucks!
Worked today at bishan park! 2-5 30bucks!
money money in to my pocket for xmas gifts
Met up with Jiahuiboony at vivo with all her bimbotic
nonsence! Thereafter, cabbed to simpang met
jordan samuel and daniel. LOVE YOU LA BOONY.
Zouk zouk zouk monday!
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nice and unique pieces up there! i bought 1 too!
love you people deep deep ;)

Friday, December 19, 2008

22nd Dec: SEDUCTION @ ZOUK! *16yo and abv*
1 for 1 drinks (alcohol and non alcohol) Tics @ $20 each!
you may email me at
(only email me when you're purchasing, no bargaining
and questions. Thanks!)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

N Levels Results
The first picture was taken long ago!
Without any further ado, shall i present to you my results!
English A2
Maths A1
Science A1
Chinese A2
Combi Humans B4
Poa B4
Points attained: 4
Yay! money coming in to my pocket cause mom promised me
100bucks for every 1 A :) *smile widely*
Give me some time to upload the peeks ok!
Working at sentosa tmr! MORE PICS OMG.

N levels results(will update this post later)

omgomgomg! i can't sleep sweeeties.... i'll be getting my results
in like less than 12 hours! Please pray hard for me that i'll
be able to attain my target *flying kisses to all readers*
I need to fork out some time to upload all my pics! ROARS
Wait for me be patient.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'm back
Hi dear readers! i'm back like finally.
I took many pics! HEHEHE give me some time k!
I'm having bad sore eyes now ):
Thanks for clicking on my nuffnang!
17bucks earned!

Friday, December 12, 2008

At taiwan! back on 16th :)
Hi readers! i'll be back in 3 days time!
OKOK don't laugh leh! i know the second picture is
so cute and hilarious. i'm sorry but mom told me
that i'm ever ready for the camera when i was young.
The third picture was when i'm pri 2 i guess...
The first pic was taken when i'm pri 3.
so the question is.......
HAHA sorry i'm always crazy in the mind.
seee i'm so random.
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