Sunday, December 30, 2007

came online just to blog. i guess, just no one understands
oh yea my birthday is coming again.
actually not much of a big deal. but this time i want
to make really goood use of this time to reflect.
laughs, how many of us actually ponder about what
we did for the year? shouldn't be more den my fingers.
initially, i was very excited about my birthday.
as soon as it comes, i started to have the emptyness
within me. i don't know whats wrong.. but i hate to
be alone. be it walking or eating i just hate being alone.
i wonder when can i really start to be independent,
responsible, hardworking and a sensible girl that
need not be so so dependent on my friends.
i've been trying, really trying hard...
but it just doesnt seems to work on me. yea,
cher said i should let go when i need to. Its easier
said den done. how many of us really let everything go
when we have to? please tell me whats wrong with
me this time round.. cause i really have no idea.
tell me, just tell me i'm deprive of concern.
a big toad thanks to you girls today the credit goes to
jolene zilah xinhui xuanhui wanzhuang.
you girls really did brighten up my day to the brightest.
shouldnt blog about today cause i ain't in the mood
to do so.. so no moood for my birthday anymore.
no big deal.

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