Tuesday, January 16, 2007

hey! i have totally forgotten bout my blogggg.
okay laa. so long didn't update already.
shall update a longer one today. siannnssss
school reopen already. knew it long ago that our grp of
girls will have some conflicts.
lets just continue the update from 2 days ago;
had a wonderful CO concert at esplanade,
and came to realise that i actually cherish all the times
with my erhu seniors recently(:
they're the ones that cheeered me up when i'm feeling down,
although we're always talking nonsense lah!
after the CO concert met up with eugenia and her family.
her dad is so sweet to give us a lift to parkway
knowing that we are in rush of time(:
reached parkway and thought we're only meeting
boony and lam but i'm so wrongwrongxx!
theres like a huge grp of them there lah! walao eh!
assssessssss. den we decided to eat fish&Co.
boooonnnnny pangseh me! left eugenia me and lam ):
then theres this malay girl named mariam(sorry if i spelled wrongly)
came and join us.
and dammmmmmmm, i felt so awkward la!
den went to bowl with them(:
after that rush homeeeeesweethomeeeeee in a cabby!
weeeeeeeees. ytd had a painful legggg.
end up walking like a bai ka in schooool.
all of them who saw me laugh at me. ASSSHOLEEEEEE.
okaokayy i know i'm short
& FAT. ):

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