Thursday, May 03, 2007

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i love my dearieeee wooooo :D
yay! if nothing crops up tomorrow it will be a bonding day again ^^
& thanks to you darling, u made me forget my unhappy past.
this is the second time i'm so sure about love!
*gahgahgah* anddddd i'm serious.
so u better don make me sad/lie to me/zaosai.
i may just cry my lungs out~ =/
but trust is what i have now (: so don't worrry boy!
please don see this post so shy lah~
shit! today wanted to ask keesiang to ahem* eugenia.
but yea u know, hes just too dumb.
if u get to see this post lah i wanna tell u that my darling
girlfriend's a goood one, so don't let the chance slip off!
today's a boring day lah BUT
no worries my parents should be watching spiderman3
at cine with me tomorrow. ohhh u see how lovely
our small little family are. :D
wonder what hes doing didnt reply my messages! *roars*

baby! i love you(:

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