Sunday, May 06, 2007

*gah* sorry for the late update! was busy with homeworks and tuition.
went to watch spider man 3 with hubbbbbby & my parents
on 5th march midnight :D the show dammm nice lah!
but again we landed on the first row. 2 yrs back we watched spiderman
2 and got the first row too! *rahhhh* dumb.
i want to intro yuzhen to victor & dearie say can one!
it's the second day i didn't see him already &&&&&&&
for you for you mr poh, :D
today woke up at 11am for tuition and i'm dammmm moodless
cause i slept at 5am ytd night playing majiong.
omgggg =/ and my mother still owes me money for losing okay! ^^
the days that shes not working, i realise that she really
does dotes on me alot. except for the quarreling thing just now lah~
=,= and peeps, for the anti-eileen friendster thing,
just stop caring lah. hate me for all they want i seriously
can't bother. (:
i love woopeixin!

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