Friday, September 14, 2007

i had beeen feeeling down and disappointed these few days.
just because of the both of you it really spoils my mood.
ohhhhhh girl, forget it man. i'm tired real tired.
i can't and won't bother about your problems anymore.
from that day onwards... yours are yours &
mine are mine. i won't ask you what happpen like i used to.
i'll just pretend i don't know anything and keep my mouth
tightly shut. i think thats the way you like it to be right?
why should you lie to me about that?
oh you meant our friendship is so vulnerable?
oh you're afraid me to know because you think i will
disturb you? then fuck it babe. you don't know me well.
i said i was okay, i act as though i'm all fine with this,
i smile infront of you ppl like i used to.
oh please if you would understand you should know..
this ain't true. fuck you
and another one. oh girl... i loved you so much.
remember whose the one helping you all e while?
i fuckingly bet you don't. oh my.. those words hurts me
alot. why can't you think before you speak?
nevermind... after that incident, i think i know what
i should do. maybe i shouldn't bother you that much
since our grp doesn't dislike you anymore. am i right?
oh you girls no longer need me.

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