Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Current mood- Bored! >:/ time do really flies.. especially this particular 2007.
i still remember how i act and do things when i'm still childish.
thinking back, all those memories seems bad but quite interesting
actually. right? its gonna be the end of year and many things change..
the way i look, the people i hang out with & my BestFriends.
i never knew things would turn out this way.. but yea,
i'll just let nature take its course fo now. to my suprise, i
actually still remember all the small little things that happen this year.
i'll be more then happy to share with you guys now(:
i was with my first ex boyfriend till this year beginning of january.
some free tickets for "Just follow law" watched with girl & her gege.
celebrated my valentine's day with my girl, a memorable one.
started to like my second ex around valentine's day.
continued carrying a torch for him till may we're attached.
broke up during early august with him, single till now.
laughs and many many tiffs with my girl... anyw, i know
we're not close anymore. but nevertheless i'll still be here for you
if one day you need a listening ear or a shoulder. (:
i've learnt alot of things from all the lessons i was given...
learnt how to control, how to smile often, how to be a happy girl,
how to enjoy being single, how to bake cakes from my girl,
how to refrain myself from being sad bcos of any guy,
how to understand things better, how to put on better makeups,
how to think about how others will feel......
& how to feel bless with what i'm having currently.

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