Sunday, November 18, 2007

ahhhh! look at those lovely cup cakes. yummmmmy
got these cute lil cupcakes from a wedding lunch(:
if i'm not wrong i heard that it'll cost ard $4 per cupcake. $$$$
bad news - my hair is short now... as for the reason why,
its for you to find out & for me to know. Laughs! -terrible :/
anyw, i've got 456282950 new pictures to upload but i'm
just pure/very lazy these few weeks and i don't know why!
a big sorry for my readers!
but this time i promise you guys i'll post VERY x10 often
once i come back from japan :DDDDDD
oh yah! i'll be away for japan on the 11th of december- 20th.
so don't go around asking where i've been or something(:
haaaaah this funnny story to tell you guys....
i seriously find that i can't click with that girl. & whats wrong?
okay i'm random =,= back to my random topics.
plans of Eileen poh may peng's life.
what to do when i grow up: to start my very own bridal business
when do i plan to get attach again: as soon as i think im up to it
when do i plan to get married: when i'm 25 hopefully?
when do i plan to have my own beautiful kids: 27 :DDDD
okay thats all for today.
for this, i had enough.

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