Tuesday, April 15, 2008

trying to act like some ' immie shoo cutexz nehx'
seriously i find this kinda tweeters such an entertainment.
life's still going on.. study, eat, study and sleep.
MYE is drawing nearer.. and i can't afford to waste anymore time.
don't worry guys Eileen will endeavor and move along :D
although everyday i'm already trying my best to act as
though i don't care nor feel anything, trying to act as though
i'm very happy and trying to act like i've totally gotten over it..
in fact, no. Nothing have gotten out of my mind till now.
i don't know why... but it still creates a whirlpool in me.
Friends are the only important ones in my life whose position
hadn't taken a seismic shift, the only constant.
anyw, its reallly tough... really really tough.
although i kept saying/ reminding myself that these
few months and headaches will swiftly be blurred through.
But Eileen actually don't think it this way.
tell me, who knows me well enough?

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