Saturday, April 19, 2008

i hereby appeal to friends who don't mind spending
your time to study with me to contact me at the following:
1. my contact number if you have..
2. my msn [ only if i know you]
i'm very stressed up over comb humans, poa and maths.
but Eileen, you'll have to believe in yourself you can do it.
as long as theres determination within, i'm sure
i'll not lose out. i'm going to solely depend on myself.
for these two 2 damm weeks, there'll be no going out for
me. Everyday i'll be revising.. i hope this time round
i'll have no distractions. I need to have a firm stand.
its really the first time i take my studies so seriously...
i'm clear about what i want in life. yes i can do it.

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