Monday, June 08, 2009

Bad girlfriend am i?

That day when you said "you treated me like shit" i felt
really badd. I know throughout these 6 months that
we've been tgt, i'm always being the unreasonable
meanie. I too know that you've always been the one
giving in. There were times where i'm disgusted the
by way i treated you even though you're being
such a nice boyfriend.
Sometimes i just couldn't help but kept thinking if i'm
the one for you. I'm sure without me, theres still better
girls out there who treats you way better than i am.
I really don't understand. I really don't.
You're not obliged to give in to me. but why are you
always being so understanding? you've never once
shouted at me. but i've always been the one yelling at
you. you've never said i screwed things up but i've
always been saying that to you. you've never once
utter a word about how bad i've treated you. but i'm
the one always blabbering about how bad you were.
I've always been comparing you to other guys. but
you've never once compared me to any other girls.
i've always been saying that you're lousy. but all you
said to me was "you're perfect". You've gave me all
the suprises you could. but i've never once given you
I'm feeling very ashamed of myself.
What should i do?
I'm sorry. Love you.

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