Monday, June 15, 2009

I dead!
i'm having flu symptoms now and the worst thing
is, i've been hanging out with darliney's sis who just
came back from melbourne! the plane that she
boarded had 2 or 3 infected passengers.
I'm worrying like one mad dog now because i've been
attending birthday parties these few days.
Most likely tomorrow's batam trip with my family
and D will be cancelled too. Double the whammy :(
I've been looking forward to this trippppp since
the term closed! The best part comes here............
MOH going over to D house today to check
and i think D's whole family might be quarantined.
Which concludes that, i might be affected too.....
since i had close contact with D.
Keeping my fingers crossed that we'll all be fine.
With love,
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