Thursday, July 09, 2009

Life goes on and i'm back to my schooling life.
F.sick about it because i know it v.well that i'm not
those who really adores sitting down doing math,
science or even english. Just couldn't wait...
couldn't wait for time to pass as quickly as it could.
I've always been day-dreaming abt how fantastic
life would be after my Os. You know that always
made me have a feeling that is impossible
to be put into words. leh
I think for the past few months i haven't been doing
at the optimal level. I too know that i've slacken
down quite alot. Don't worry i'm a little sick of
seeing those disappointing results. My marks have
been failing me these few months! What Ms J
said in class today was quite true. I wouldn't want
to be put into a situation whereby i regretted not
studying well enough because i thought i could do
it without any revision.
I always had this thinking..... and my chem marks
proved me utterly wrong today. Kinda feeling guilty
for not studying now :( ya know i can see that Ms
J was very disappointed in me bcos she gave a loud
sigh when she passed me my paper. sad x 100000
O lvl chinese oral tmr. wish me luck.
Web-camming with weising now.

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