Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thankfully, I've learnt how to see who are my true
friends and whos not. Sometimes in life, we're bound
to befriend some wrong people. Back then, being
the ignorant and naive girl i was, i thought i'm really
good in choosing who to mix with and who not to.
I thought i was old enough to decide for myself.
I was wrong.
I just realised that i couldn't give an answer if you
were to ask me if whos my bestfriend or who i'm now
closest to. Two years back, if you were to ask me the
same question, without any hesitation i'll tell you
who. I used to care alot, really. But i gave up.
I wouldn't want to waste my time on a friend that
doesn't appreciates me as much as i do.
Friends changes too. They might be the one closest
to you this second and the next, they'll probably
be stepping over your head. Time flies....It has been
5 years. Should i say it's too short for us to
really see whos the one being nice or should i say
that it's so long that we no longer bother to
care about how one another feels?
Maybe after we've all parted then will we realise
that all along, we've always been good friends.
Friends that have been through lots of and lots of
obstacles together, friends that have been caring
for one another......... in silence.
Shall we all talk?

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