Sunday, August 02, 2009

Blogger is finally functioning. It wasted 10 mins of my
life ytd and kept me annoyed for the entire night.
Maybe afterall, i shouldn't abandon this site as
it has been with me for 3 years. From the most
memorable days to the most difficult phase, it kept
me going.
You know this site cheered me quite alot when i was
in the lowest pits. I look at the past entries and
couldn't help but laugh to myself. Those days
when i hurled vulgarities, those days when i had 3
inches worth of makeups on me.
Interesting and memorable indeed.
Also, this space kept times i've spent with my
ex boyfriends. wouldn't say it's anything worth
remembering.... but it's actually quite amusing to
come to a realization of how much i've changed
these few years. yadayadahhhh.
In case some of you might be wondering abt.
why lovableens? because,
Lovable + Leen = Lovableens!
That's real smart of me 3 years back righttttt.
You know dear, i thank god for your presence.
With love.

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