Friday, November 10, 2006

hmmm been thinking whether should go zoo or wad,
but in the end i thought of going kbox! (:
ytd actually we have piano lessons but in the end
the teacher cancel it! dammit. :]
so we actually use our piano time to shop for clothes.
i bought 4 bras, :]]]]
and 2 shorts. :]]]]]
yay! im feeling so damm hungry now.
and im getting so damm fucking busy these days.
i'm having lotsa CO pratices.
and the thing is i have to eat macdonalds
almost 3 times a week! OH GOSH.
i don wanna be any fatter. im getting so fat!
hmmmm so guys had anyone decided to employ me?
i told ya that i can work as anything .
call me leh. ((((((:
actually the perfume i want is not veh cheap lei. ((:
hai, somethings wont be the same once its gone.
misses. <3

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