Wednesday, November 08, 2006

i duno why im feeling so lost.
sometimes i think i really need him,
sometimes when hes coming back
i suddenly felt strange.
am i used to the single life or had my feelings for him
faded? we started as frens, but
i duno why suddenly things end up like that.
i'm an utter moron to let myself be so vunerable towards love.
i duno wad has got me.
i duno wad i want.
mayb life's like that. waahaaas :]
hmmms. wahahaaas. mayb enough of my emo :D
but seriously thats wad i think. :]
frens are the only ones who can make me forget things.
to Girls : im a planning a day out by this week, girls please be avail
next week onwards. mayb to the zoo, bird park,
whatsoever :/
and it's a yay yay. im feeling so excited right now.
mayb because im going overseas and my birthday
is approaching! wahaaa. (:
and fuck it. im so damm broke right now.
i needa buy perfume for myself but im broke!
anyone who wants to employ me please give me a call!
i can work as a one-day maid ! (((:
im already saving up all my money!
and i hate ppl saying me chubby. wad the hell
has it got to do with u if im fat? fuckyou la.
its a non- of- ur -buisness.
lallaalala. this should be the longest i had ever posted.
i'll be taking real lots of pictures with ppl i know.
i wanna have an album (:
oh ya before i forget, someone please volunteeeer
to give a perfume on my birthday.
i swear i will thanks you loads. (: anyone?
i'm getting lamer.
&damm, my hair is getting ugly ^^

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