Friday, November 17, 2006

woooo, sucha long time since i update.
well, this few days was fine. but suddenly just lost mood
and the enthu in things. mayb i'm just feeling tired
of the heart-headaches.
im going through some rollarcoasters :/
gagaga. mayb its time for me to somesort of take a rest?(:
anyone pls ask me out fo tea?
soooooooo bored, my darlings! its time to
enjoy our holidays. ; please take note
we'll be booking a chalet ard dec 17th to 28th?
well duno yet. so be prepared to pay around 30bucks.
and i'm so damm fucking excited!
im going korea!!!!! :D ^^
eyyyy i'm fat and short. wtf i duno why.
god damm pleaseeee let me grow just a wee bit taller?
anyw im having a phobia for guys currently.
so im only interested in well... girls! gagaga.
girls talk to me,

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