Sunday, April 12, 2009

I forgotten about my blog totally. Life's sickening.
I hate myself!!!!!!!! why the fug can't i just eat less and
exercise more? i need to shed some fats i swear.
but schooling always seems to be a hurdle for me to slim
down. Prolly because we tend to eat more due to stress?
HAHA. high possibility.
Ok i'm gonna make a to-do-list now and the deadline
for everything to be done will be on the erm... 11/11/09.
WHY? because it's the day when i'm done with Os.
1st: To save $1000 for clothes spree
2nd: To lose 5kg (which is s-diff to attain)
3rd: A Trip overseas with close friends
4th: Aiya many more. can't think of em now.
Brain dead.
I'll continue my long to-do-list soon.
I'm feeeling damn shiokkkk now because i just had my
online shopping spree. And i've spent more than 300
bucks this weekend on things that i don't really see except
for some clothes from dorothyperks and topshop.
Can't wait for the day i'm liberated from this freaging
exam. That day will be the day i'll throw all my books
away and hug everyone on the streets screaming on
the top of my voice "I've GRADUATED" like finally
after 5 long years in the secondary school being ugly
all the time without even complaining.
With love.

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