Thursday, April 02, 2009

Life couldn't have been any better.
This was taken last week if i'm not wrong.
The weather have been a total bitch for the past few
days. Staying in class makes me feel like i'm boiling.
It's freagging too warm. Oh god please let it rain!
School? still a disaster. Chemistry distinction club
remedial's test was horrendous. What have i got? HAHA
10/30. I wonder how i've gotten 1 for N levels last year.
Think i've forgotten all about the theory and stuffs.
But i admit that paper was really tough one. (i guess?)
I need moneymoneymoney to buy all my new clothes
and others that i've been eyeing for a long time.
This is bad... Os this year. Couldn't fork out any time
to really work and earn big bucks. Oh ya! i've a 2 days
event job this month with boony as we've previously
worked for them. Lucky boon and me. AHHAHA
It's time for me to be on stage for the announcement
tomorrow again! A little jittery now. But it's okay since
i've been up there once. Speak slower Eileen poh k?
Ngweising, you better clear your pimples if not imma
pinch and squeeze your pimples till you die...
ROAR-NESS. Loveyou :)

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