Thursday, April 23, 2009


I swear my hair looks longer in this picture. I guess I just
snipped of like 4-5 inches of my hair? ****Cries****
However, i'm lucky enough as 8 out of 10 people usually
regretted it from the change of long to short hair.
I supposed? HAHAHA. (actually sometimes i do miss my long hair)
Most of my friends commented that i look more matured
in this hair. What do you guys think then? Tag please!
My results are on the average this time round.
English 20/30
Maths 25/40
Chinese 32/50
Combi Sci 43/60
Combi Humans 21/35
Next week mark the start of Mid year exams.
It's also a norm for the school to set 'killer papers'.
I'm trying my best to keep myself on track and sadly to
say, to date, i've not been working hard yet.
But i do really wanna score and make myself proud.
Let's just keep my fingers cross that last minute studying
still works for me just like how it always did.
It's friday tomorrow which means, Kennyoji will be back
in singapore after 4 long months overseas.
Weising, study hard k? loveyou.

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