Sunday, March 30, 2008

Eileen's worries part 1
okay readers, i'm really sorry for this mia period.
1st: things didnt go well for me & most of all, i'm always busy
with tuitions. i reallly miss those time when i can do anything
as and when i like :/
2nd: my dear daddy have to use the com almost everyday for his
work. thats the reason why i almost didnt really use the com
for like 2-3 weeks?
3rd: although i tried to do my test gingerly, but i think i
didnt score well.
4th: had some small little tiff with one of my goodfriends.
what actually made me so flabbergasted & disappointed
was knowing that i'm a vain person, you still played that
on me. but its okay i guess. i should just forget about it.
5th: about someone, someone i care.
i have many pictures but dad just couldnt spare me more

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