Friday, March 07, 2008

ugly side of me part II
sorry readers! was staying over at sharon's chalet from monday to wed
thats why i didnt really have to time to blog la! skipped school today
kinda happppy cause finallly i have the time to use the com *yays*
oh yea sorry for amt of pictures this time round cause all the crazy
ones i took are with Eugenia Baby. LAUGHS MY ASS.
anyw, i swear i can do better for maths! felt kindof disssapointed with
my report card lah! sighs. drop that manzxzzxzx. cause.......
holidays are approaching! but baby will be flying to china so
i'll be like so so bored ): it has beeen like months since i last stepped
into town/shopping la! feeel so sad please ): & guess what!
i haven get to watch 2 faces of my girlfriend NBXZXZ to the max.
okay nevermind tomorrrow i'll be going over to baby's house
and will definately be blogging there! ;D
have some patience.. oh ya! any recommendation on what i should
post about so as to entertain my readers?

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