Sunday, March 16, 2008

Knowing more about Eileen[part 2]
thursday 13th
went boatquay with friends.
drank a little and cabbed home ard 2.
friday 14th
been a goood girl going for tuition so as usual same
for yesterday. stayed at home the whole day.
saturday 15th
tuition again. stayed at home till now.
like wtf? :/
i seriously hate my life! i wonder why
all of us have to study so hard. just for money?
or just for having a good life ahead? until now, idk.
just whats life about? sighs. i actually felt that the
happiest days in my life was when i'm
in nursery. Everyone dotes on me, they don't give
me any stress on studying. now, its time for me to work
hard for my future. but wheres my motivation?
i haven't find any motivation for me to start mugging.
& i seriously don't know whats happening.
i kept thinking about things i shouldnt even bother
about this year. but i just couldnt stop myself from
doing so. maybe because i'm the only child
thats the reason why i'm so so pampered....
i'll list down all Eileen poh's bad habits now.
if you can't accept it i suggest you can leave this page now (:
1. i love spending money like no one's business
2. i love laughing loudly which i find it very unglam.
3.i love daydreaming about my future.
4. $100 a week for me is not enough
when i don't know where all the money went to. kinda weird.
5. hello guys, yes i'm very sensitive. mind you.
6. i love to be in love.
which i prolly wasted 10years on. like what the hell Eileen.
many pictures coming!

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