Tuesday, March 11, 2008

random pictures of Eugeniababbbby & me [part 1]
laughs. rarely beeen so free to update my blog consecutively
3 days in a row. anyway.. co camp was quite tiring!
i think its due to my deprived-of-sleep state. imagine
sleeping at 4am the night before camp. totally... no link.
& i have so many things to complain about like seriously!
firstly Eileen poh needa save more money because she uses
money without any thinking which is a very bad habit.
second, she really need to stop eating prolly 10000 years ago.
last but now least, Eileen have to pull up her socks and really
get books into her head bcos i guess she hasn't got any
till now & its getting late! roars. i'm lazy :/
oh yea! another very important one. Eileen need to improve
on her face's condition. so byebye to *kachings$$*
okay baby, don't say i didnt show any signs of symptoms
of life without you is so so terrible k. cause i really misss you ;D
i recently realise that photography is darn coolxzxzxzxz.
&nothing beats the part when i'm caring.

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