Saturday, September 13, 2008

Updated one*
Back to edit this post.... My eyes look swollen till now. Nope,
stop guessing it's not over guys anymore. There is always
this particular issue that has been in my mind for 16 years.
In my small little family, there's only three of us- Dad, Mum
and me. You're right, i'm the only child. Whenever i tell
people around me that i'm the only child, they would always
envy me. But the fact is, i don't enjoy being the only child
at all. Know why? At times, i just don't know who to turn to.
Because my parents were still young then and were busy
so they brought me to one of my grand-aunt till i was in k2?
I grew up in a doting environment with everything i demanded,
every attention i had. In fact, over the years i grew up to be
someone overly-dependent. That's probably why my parents
are always very worried about me being out. I wanted very
much to convey the message like i'm already aware of what's
good and bad for me. However, everytime i'm the one ended
up in the wrong. I know i'm impatient in my attitude towards
talking to my parents but i think they should also put
themselves in my shoes.. I can manage things on my own..
I'm really able to. Don't be afraid, don't be worried that
i'll mix with the wrong company. Because I won't.
Sometimes, it's not always the child at fault. Parents too
are human... they make mistakes too.
I think we're very much lack of communication in here.
But i still love my parents of course......
Sighs, here i am... alone at home again.
I've got many peektures of myself taken ytd.
Will post them up soon sweeties(:
My heart is in a whirlpool.

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