Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Warning( this post in full of random thoughts)
A piece of hot sizzling news. Eileen will be going to Europe
during the holidays. I thought that was freagging sexy yeah.
The mundane life i'm leading everyday in school gives me
nothing to post about. Being a studious girl is fun afterall..
going to school with tons of worksheets and friends.
I think that's the only exhilarating reason going school.
Me wanna go overseas to further my studies.
Just wanna liberate myself from the stress in singapore.
(see, i told you this post gonna be full of rubbish random thoughts)
Wait for me, after my exams i'm gonna spent some money.
2569024815 years since i last shopped. Can't stand it anymore.
I'll be free after 7th of october. Any job intros please email
me. Past experience: Shu Uemura's Promoter.

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