Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Thanks SS, you killed me today.
I so shouldn't even have spent time on ss lah. Goodgame...
everything i studied never come out at all! The moment i
flipped open the paper i mumbled " dammm i don't know
what all these structured questions asking" Goodluckhavefun.
So i spent like 15 mins stone-ing as i was still in the
state of shock. This is exciting... i'll just pray hard that
the teacher marking my paper will be in good mood and
award me with a B please. Okay i'm dreaming.
I think i should be more stoical towards dealing with exams.
I'm quite worried about tomorrow's english paper.
The hackneyed ideas for compo in my mind are all
boring... let's just hope something nice will pop up
in my head tomorrow okay? Imma grab an 'A' tmr.
Imma = I'm going to not i am readers.

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