Sunday, September 07, 2008

Thanks, i know i look crappish.

ok i have a high forehead.


Dear xinci :)
The three brothers =,=
Woahhh! had enough of all those ugly photos already.
I'm so goonna dig up all those cute photos of myself on the next post.
Ps: it has been more than weeks since i last make up.
( as in those hardcore ones)
I think it looks wonderful to be natural at times.
right dear readers? (: okay i'm talking to myself anyway.
Saturday 6th of sept. East coast
Had fun with Xinci, Min-er, Justin, Minsan and Garret.
Ok i'm an angry girl yesterday. We so shouldnt have rent the
bikes from my friend's shop. I swear it suck to the max.
Xinci and mine was too smooth and we can't speed.
(but this xinci still manage to be infront and i wonder how)
So i was quite lethargic after countless attempts of trying
to be or should i say act fast. Ended up right at the back
(okay i'm the last lah) Thanks ms for waiting if not i'll
not know which way to go! but anyw, i cheated so end
up, Ms last! laughs (don't say i'm evil because i always am*blinks)
After cycling, we went to lagoon to have our dinner.
A luscious one! Spent ard $60 bucks.
However, heaven did us no good.... it rained when we
wanted to head home. All of us spent some time chatting
below the shelter. My parents fetched ms home den
mum and i went to grandma's house.
Okay i'll be back sweeties, any ideas
what to post? :)

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