Saturday, June 23, 2007

hmmmm, this should be the first photo we took
since the day we started to get closer to each other.
should i say that friendships isin't strong or should i say
all friendships changes?
true enough, i didnt forget how we spend our girls night comforting
each another to sleep, cheer each other up, shop together
& spent wonderful memories together.
but sometimes yes friends do neglect how u feeel.
or should i put it this way, every being put themselves before
anyone? to my only limin mother : u know mother, i'm really
so thankful that u're always the one thats comforting me
& i'll never forget how u came frm ur house to my block
wanting to comfort me just because i was crying.
yes, those memories do hold a part of my heart. thanks loads....<3
sad to say, recently maybe u're having new friends so i may
not really matter to you that much anymore
or maybe just because of a simple reason ; drifting i suppose?
but yea thanks for everything mother, every small little things u do
are so being appreciated. really.
sorrrry been talking about it quite long le back to my post ^^
today... hmmmm, went to cine there for cousin's girls guide carnival.
so bored lahhhhh and u know the weather is not-so-good.
after that joelyn came to meet me cause got one of dear's friend
wanna see her(: den frm 2 ++ we wait till 5++ den go chinatown
for nothing. *laughs* although the atmosphere is not very good
at the beginning luh. yea eventually everything turn out well :D
went to amk with jo and dear meet his friends they see her le
go eat den we take cabbb home. darn ex @#$%*@#&%~!
rahhh* sch reopening le lehhhhh )= won't get to see you that much le
hubhubbbbbbb. but nvm lah weeekends = pohpei day ^^

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