Saturday, June 30, 2007

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lol, please change the friendship to relationship *laughs*
ya lah ya lah i'm misssssing someone can?
haaaaaaaaaa, these few days had beeen okay our new maths tcher
really really suck x 1000000. he talks like a duck, serious!
and his lessons were boring ain't as interesting as mrs tan's.
yesterday : *claps* for my mid year results, 40/42 in 3a2
percentage for overall = 51.3% =,= oh wow how goood.
my father had beeen nagging at me after since i showed him my results ):
have to buck up already i wouldn't want to be lousy.
today : a veryvery hot day! a time to say fuck to the weather.
afterschool cancelled detention den went to kbox with my girls.
Eugenia, xuanhui, wanzhuang & me :D
hmmmm, really spent a great time with u guys.
friends are no-doubt important in life! treasure them while you can.
ard 5.30 we took 31 back to school for the school syf celebration dinner.
thought we're going to have some goood food.
a big no-no! end up we had beehoon and some sandwiches. LOL
i did something good today. its raining after the dinner
hmmmm should be ard 8pm so banheng went home took an umbrella
and waited for wanzhuang just outside the school gate.
just imagine how sweeet luh~ wanzhuang please luh time to wake up.
xuanhui and me were like influencing wz and we're admiring them!
how sweeeet =/ *winks to wz* HAHAHA
and youuuuuuuu dumb dear one! 6 DAYS SINCE I LAST SEE YOU.
uhhhhh, nvm its okay i understand! ^^
boy i loveeee you the same!
& u should know ur words will meant the world to me :DDDD

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