Thursday, June 07, 2007

i know u do read my blog.
but theres really somethings i can't keep it within me anymore.
yea its understandable u're having exams and those are really impt in life
but all i feel now is we're both just in named =/
we'll always just see each other once a weeek, talking lesser & lesser,
and yea u don't seems to bother.
yes, the word for this is drifting ain't u worried at all?
truly i am.....
but i'll still keep this love for u strong boy, a promise.
everyweek i'm saying this phrase over and over again
i do miss you very bady. you know?
sometimes i just wanted very badly to tell you how i feel but i know i can't
because i wouldn't want you to think i'm just fussing over small problems
don't want you to think that i'm not understanding.
if only love can be as sweet as how story books define love.
how great will it be?(:
& the love will stay*
i've been staying at home these few days.
ask me out will you?

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