Friday, June 15, 2007

sorry lahhhh so long didnt blog already cause i'm pure lazy.
ehhhh ya, ytd was my dear one 17th birthday and 4 months since i FIRST
smsed him :D woahhh time do really flies i didnt even know i met him like
so long already lah~ *laughs*
verybigwishesfromwifey for his birthday :
hahahahaha, for him to grow a lil wee bit fattter. LOL
to have goood health ! important*
to excel in his poly studies.
ehhhhh last but not least, last long. heheheh
okay lah, some lame wishes but yes i did really wished for him =D
sorrrry & thankyou because ur birthday u still have to send me to simei.
talking about birthday, i still rmb how boring my birthday was last year
practically everyone is busy and they can't stay out late so end up
i had a very unmeaningful birthday last year )=
suckiest of all~
myyyy girlfriend came my house last night and we talked about her love*
haaaaaaaaaaas girl, u should know what to do already right? *winks*
today i'm a goood girl , i'm staying at home rotting with maggots all ard me =/
okay and i missssssss you lehhhhhhh ):

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