Friday, June 01, 2007

something unpleasent happened today. i'm not feeeling great at all.
now i'm wondering...... am i at fault?
lol, back to square one. crying at public for one and a half hour or so.
because i'm not feeeling goood about it i replied 2 words means i'm
showing attitude? i swear i'm not. there were 2 couples there and its an odd number
i felt so left out. =/
nvm about that.. but ur words add to my sadness.
maybe i'm being too sensitive like what u've said before.
but i tried to give in too, didnt i?
i was given two choices.
number 1: leave you alone
number 2: go home and see how it goes.
i choosed number 2.
i didnt want to give up this relationship at all my dear.
maybe what u think is u have many choices and i'm not ur first priority.
but i'm really serioud about it.
no matter what,
i will & still love you as much as how i did.

i neeed you. ):

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