Thursday, July 05, 2007

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i'm bloody sick nowadays ): flu suck.
didnt have a goood day today. i lent my chinese textbk
to one of my seniors and tcher wanted me to get it back
so i went up and asked for the boook. she didnt bring den what can i do?!
okay luh, ask me go buy boook no stock i lend from teacher got prob?
step in to class only shout at me )= *roars*
we quarrelled in class and gave each other attitude.
during recess kena caught again by dm for my attire.
whats wrong with the teachers huh?
my shirt is tucked in can?! den he want me to serve detention tmr.
please lah i'm so-not-going. think i'm very free to serve
ur detentions for nothing isit.
sorrry peeeps if i've shown any forms of attitude today,
i'm really sick and not in the moood to joke at all.
i'm so tired luh! 11.30 we have to leave the class and get ready for co.
went to get ready and we left school at ard 12.30.
and guess what? our schoool totallly spoil the whole rehearsal =,=
the first note actually came out earlier and its so obvious that we
can't continue with the beat so everyone stopped playing and
laugh. its a sarcastic laugh i supposed =/
ahaaa at that moment i wanted to dig a hole and just hide my head in lah~
today's performance is a disappointment everything went so wrong
the beat, the tune and the moood.
after we performed our conductress scold us outside the hall.
shes darn angry! i'm so disapppointed in myself too ):
tuesday is the actual concert alrdy and we're not ready at all!
people lets do this tgt again please!
prss co gold with honours. we're not going to lose to them!
tomoro will be going to simun's bbq with hubhubbbby.
*yays* time to see him again :D
manymany love!

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