Monday, July 09, 2007

triple claps for today's weather pleaseeeeee.
stupid seh how i wish my 2.4 is today lahhhhh theres no sun,
theres no rain & most of all GOT WIND.
and yes finally we have more than half of our co members back for practice
for the last time. and so swayyyy can! before going for co i went home
to change guess wad, i got menses! %^@#*%! *roars*
fcuking irritating one lehhhh ): nowonder today i'm so worked up
over all the small little things.
tomoro i got my co performance at singapore conference hall. boreddd
from 4.45 at sch meet den go perform till 9+ lehhh reach home ard 10+ le.
and yayyyyy my dad will be going overseas from today till friday.
i'll have more freeedom then.
this is shit man. ):

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