Sunday, July 22, 2007

girl, really thanks for being there. at this point of time
i've no rights to be angry or control u anymore.
i visited her blog. u guys seems happy taking the neo.
and u went home so late.
and i can recall u always tell me u have to be home early.
enough of these.
i've cried enough for you. be it you a girlfriend, or
in relationship. i'm tired really tired i wouldnt want
to care so much anymore now.
although i'm going to miss how u went crying with me,
joke with me, play with me, accompany me, stroke my hair,
console me, talk to me, hug me, laugh with me,
shop with me, be with me and love me.
but these will not matter to me anymore. i'm so sick
this time i'm not joking. i'll let go i really will.
i bet u have no idea how much i'm suffering these days.
i've changed really changed.
changed to someone whos going to keep everything
to herself. i'm not going to share it with anyone anymore.
and eugenia, u need not contact me after these
anymore. cause i won't be bothering about it.
i really had enough. i won't bother, i won't cry,
i won't be sad, i won't be happy and i won't be with you.
thanks for all those memories these 3 years babe.
stored deeep down.
i'm sad. )'=

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