Saturday, July 28, 2007

i'm not a fool and i don't want to be your fool.
i'm not stupid not to notice anything
i don't really understand what u're doing now.
but by my instinct, i know
something is very wrong right now.
u don't love me that much anymore.
i'm not so stupid not to realise it. its obvious.
just tell me u don't wanna be with me.
i will let go, can be forgiven, but u can't be forgotton.
understand what i mean?
i don't understand what i've done wrong.
did i do anything wrong? not treating you well?
not giving u space? not letting u do the things u like?
or purely bcos i can't make u love me for long?
i don't know what you want.
u didnt reply my smses. didnt pick up my call
didnt call me and didnt even bother to care.
i'm tired. really tired. tired of being the one putting effort
to substain this relationship, tired being the one
who loves you more den u love me, being the one who's
trying to make u be with me. forget it,
i don't want you to think that i'm controlling & irritating.
if letting go is what u want me to do....... f only i can really do so ):
when i really can't bear to.

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