Monday, July 23, 2007

i exceptionally loveeeeeee this picture :D
although its the one and only u sent,
i do treasure it alot. <3333333333333333333
everything gonnna be alright, i'm going to forget abt you,
i'll remind myself i've to be independent bcos i don't have a bestfriend.
all i have right now is my boyfriend and my goood friends.
nothing more, nothing else.
if one day i'm going to lose either one again, i swear i'll brk down.
but yes, i have to learn how not to be pampered and dependent
bcos i must understand people do change for
themselves and not me.
stop asking what happpen because all these doesnt matters.
i'm reallly sad and disappointed though. but i gotta be strong.
i have to be happy just like how i am.
& i have to understand bestfriends/friends ain't gonnna
be forever. i can't be so naive. time to wake up and learn.
people tends to change, feeelings are meant to change too.
we're like that. realistic.
again and again i went to browse throughall my photo albums.
all that came flashing back are the times we spent.
wanted to delete everything but can't bring myself to do so.
i've changed, u've changed and we've changed.
we changed from the young girls to the matured ladies.
our thinking are different. we don't have any commmon.
facts. i have to accept facts. i'll learn how to to.
& you know i'm not going to live without anyone of you.
please )=

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